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How to start a ebook

Updated on September 6, 2014


I am sure you have seen ads on writing your ebook in seven days, and I am sure this can be done, if you know a lot of information about a subject and the time to write it.

You don't make as much on ebooks as you would on a novel. This is per book. Most ebooks sell for under $10.00. You can't sell a novel for that price.

We all have a book in us, and this is true. The problem is finding the time to write a novel or book with a 100 or more, but to write 25 pages; this is feasible. If you still want to write a book or novel. Go for it. To make this easier write short ebooks on the same subject, then combined the short ebooks into a book or novel. Not only does this get your book going, but you are making some money on your ebooks.

I am into camping; having been camping most of my life, and I am now 72, I have camped a lot of time. From camping in tests, then pop-ups, to trailers, fifth wheels to motor homes. So when I start writing ebooks, I started with ebooks on camping.

Ebooks go through a different way of publishing then novels. If you write a novel and sent it a publisher, they are going to go through it to see if they can make some money from your book. If they can they will send you all the details on what you are going to have to do and what it is going to cost you, I repeat cost you. With a ebook you can self publish your book, cost very little, and you can have it on Amazon in a matter of days. Sound go, and it is.

Where do you start with an ebook? I feel you start the same place you would if you were writing a novel.

1. Pick a subject

2. Resource it

3. Start with a eye-catching headline

4. Write a draft

5. Edit

6. Write another draft

7. Edit

8. Write the finished book

9. Consider ebook cover

10. Find Publisher

11. Do a book signing?

12. Promote your ebook

13. Think about your next book.

This is just my layout on writing a ebook. That things you can skip, I know I don't follow everything all the times.

If you are looking to help others solve their problems, get you name in print, and maybe make so money in the process. Then let get stared on your ebook. You will find it can be a lot of fun.


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