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How to start writing your first article?

Updated on March 5, 2014
Writing your first hub - how to?
Writing your first hub - how to? | Source

The Beginning

I am learning from many hubbers around here. I am making this hub to express and share my knowledge about writing.

I learn many points especially when you hold your pen and start writing.

Every trouble for writers especially beginners is at the starting point. You are ready with your pen and a blank page of a paper on top of your table or your hands ready to hit the first word on your keyboard. And what is next?

As your mind is always thinking and ideas popping around, you may not able to put all those ideas in writing.

Don't worry because you are not alone. In fact, I was like that before learning many things with my personal writing coaches both in and at home.

So don't think something is wrong. This is normal to writers who are just beginners or have not practice their writing abilities.

I learned that there are people who are born with this gift of being brilliant writers. Those are exceptional in our studies so if you are one of those you better help other writers around.

These people have no problem getting their write ups easily without hanging out and think how to start and how to continue.

But the thing here is that you are not one of them. Let's presume. Most people want to learn the step by step method of writing and thinking how to start is very difficult.

So taking into consideration that you are now starting to write, mind that as soon as you move your writings from paragraph to paragraph things get empty. Don't just start but focus on the topic so as not to lead your topic elsewhere.

Many are aiming for the success in writing but the big break takes place at the beginning of your writing.

How to get started - Writing good articles
How to get started - Writing good articles | Source

How to get started

The best way to write is things you care about or by writing to someone who cares.

Here are few situations where you can start writing:

  • You can call your friends and let him take down your conversations.
  • As a student, if you are assigned to write for school, think that your teacher is very interested in reading your writings.
  • Pretend you are writing someone you love like your families, friends, old friends, new friends, etc.
  • If you write an email or essay, try to record anything you say and jot it down after minutes of conversation.

What do you think would stop a writer from finishing his writings?

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Good writing skill - Writing starts within you
Good writing skill - Writing starts within you | Source

These are just common ways on how to start writing. You can have your own initiative to start writing. Trust your instinct. Use your common sense. Give your best. You can do it because you think of it. Don't be afraid to start. Break a leg. Someday you will reap the good harvest of your hard work.


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    • Geopeter profile image

      Geopeter 4 years ago

      You're welcome, my friend. Feel free to read more of my hubs. :)

    • BecomingWriter profile image

      Angela Greenfield 4 years ago from Nebraska

      I am studying the art of article writing, and this Hub helped me. Thank you!