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How to survive a bad day. This is the one and only thing I am an expert at!

Updated on June 4, 2013

If you are having a bad day, I want to help! God knows I was having one bad day myself. That is why I thought I would send help right away to someone else and send them off with a smile. Usually at times like this I tear myself to pieces. I am pretty good at that. So, instead of ripping myself up I decided I would say to myself, " I am not alone in the way I am feeling. Many are in this place and this too will pass. I am not going to have a bad day." (Hopefully it will pass soon) I alsolutely REFUSE to have a bad day and no wind or storm, no doctor's notice or medical bill, or words of a family member are going to make me have one!

Confidence is not one of my strong points. Humor is. So, lacking the capacity to have faith in myself I thought of my son Jesse ( who by the way is one of the people left who actually sees the good in me.) Next, I play a sort of volleyball game in life and knock off each upsetting word that comes out of the mouth of uncaring people.

Like on Sunday when my husband said, " Are you almost done cleaning the kitchen? I want to make lunch." Yea, that's a classic! It's right up there with words from our wedding day. When we had just came outside from a large church wedding I was holding the sides to my bustled white satin gown over my shoes as I walked and my husband got in the car and said, "Oh...your riding with me? We didn't come here together so I didn't know."

So, with him making lunch in the kitchen I just cleaned I called Mom for emotional support. She's just as passive aggressive and said, " That's nice dear you cleaned your office. I know how bored you must be out of work with no money. Occupy gives you something to do to keep you busy. My mother doesn't think being the author of seven books is a job. It's not that I may have accomplished something. And from there I went to the library to access the account for my not-so-successful internet business. While waiting for the library to open, a heckler pulls up in a truck at the corner. "Hey babe. Want a ride? I can give you a ride. Jump in." Keep in mind I have telephone bills older than this guy. When I politely said "no" he responded from his pick up window, " Well, some place to hang out... a street corner." " It's a library." I explained. He yells back, " It's not even open." and drives away. I stood there in my black sweat shirt and jeans revisiting my options.

1.) I could become a serial killer and start my career on the homefront.

2.) I could tell this 23 year old I changed my mind.

3. ) Or I could simply say, " Jesus this too will pass. I refuse to have a bad day. I picked the latter. Volleyball score : Jan Farrell 10 points. Satan 6. I win.

If my readers can remember this, I will try to remember this as well, that there is always tomorrow and a chance of sunshine is in the making.

Have a great day! Jan

By Joanne Kathleen Farrell


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