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How to Know if Your Girlfriend has Fallen Out of Love with You

Updated on October 30, 2018
CJWood71 profile image

Chris has experienced many ups and downs in life and learned from an early age to see the humor in the world around him.

A Note to Readers...

In order to clear up any confusion, I would like to say that this hub is written purely for humor and the enjoyment of the reader. If you manage to get a laugh out of reading it, then it has served it's purpose.


In the beginning

We all know the wonder of falling in love. You meet a beautiful girl who has a twinkle in her eyes and a smile to light up the room. She makes your heart race and the best part is that she likes you as well.

Before you know it, you are well on your way to happily ever after. This is how we have always been told it goes and it is what we hope for. If that is what you find then cogratulations, you can stop reading this and go back into the arms of your girl.

If, on the other hand, you find yourself wondering if your girl has lost her feelings for you and not sure if there is anything left to save then this hub is for you. Read on and learn to recognize the signs that the relationship is in serious trouble.

We never want to face the fact that the one we love no longer feels the same, still this is a reality faced each day around the world. This article will not offer solutions to fix the problems, but it will give you a heads up to recognize when your significant other has lost that loving feeling.

Signs that she no longer loves you

1. She goes to great lengths to avoid having to be in the same room with you. It is normal for couples to need their own space from time to time, however, it is not normal for your significant other to go to great lengths to avoid being around you.

2. If your significant other has slept on the couch for the last several months and refers to the bedroom as "yours", this is a sign for concern. On the same wavelength, if she gives you a pillow and blanket and points to the couch while referring to the bedroom as "hers" you may have cause for concern.

3. If she receives numerous calls on her cell phone from someone named "lover boy" and that person isn't you. This sign requires no further explanation.

4. If her facebook wall is filled with posts from her friends saying how much they loved meeting her boyfriend at the party the previous night and you were at home watching the football game on television.

5. You overhear her talking on the phone and she says that she is single and looking to meet new people. We all know that nobody who is happy in their relationship is looking to meet new people.

6. Here is a sign so obvious that I hesitated including it here, but she doesn't bother coming home several nights a week. Let's face it, the "ran into an old friend and we were talking" excuse does not go very far.

7. I have saved the most obvious sign for last. When you come home from work and she is gone, along with all her belongings. This sign flashes in bright neon and if it has come to this then there is not much left to do.

In conclusion

If you find that your relationship seems to have lost its spark and you are not sure what to do then this may be of some help. If you find that several of these signs seem to point towards your relationship then you must really examine your relationship and decide if it is worth saving.

I wish you all the luck in dealing with situations that most of us hope to always avoid. Many times when things seem most difficult, the answer is in plain sight and a rainbow lies around the next corner.

© 2012 Christopher J Wood


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    • profile image


      7 years ago

      This seems like a no shit post. Browsing over a hundred of these pages and nothing about advice and recommendation of what to DO when you know/feel its happening, or how to flip it back around for the better. That would be a helpful article.

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      This was obviously written for idiots


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