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How to test for Significant Content before Publishing your Work

Updated on December 26, 2013

Article Writing- Testing for Significant Content

Readability of the content is not only determined by how well a reader reads but also how much the article fits the reading levels of the target audience . Knowing your audience well will help you to design your content to fit their reading levels .While discussing some basics on how you can increase readability of your content , the article will also provide some guideline questions you can use to test for significant contents before publishing your works .

When writing , make the effort to exercise empathy to know your readers well . Try to know how your reader feel and what they need from you- what questions that they want answered on the particular topic . By putting yourself in the position of the reader whiles you write , you can compose a material that will answer all questions that reader would want answered about the particular topic .

Here are some few guideline questions to help you design a content that fits the reading levels of your audience .

Guideline Questions in Testing for Significant contents .

Test for significant context in anything your write by asking yourself these questions : Does my paper have solid info and specific details? Have I added something new to the conversation on this subject? Have I gone beyond what I already know in writing this article ?

Guide line questions about audience attitudes and beliefs.

What kind of argument will my readers respect ? What attitudes about my topic will they have? What is their age, class, education and sex? What do they already know about the topic ? Asking yourself these questions , will help you to design a material to the reading levels of your audience .

Reader's Knowledge about the topic .

how much about the topic do my readers know? What additional information do they need? How will they react to specialized terminology?

Reader's Expectation .

Reader’s expectation- what do my readers want and need from my piece. What question will they want answered ? How much explanation is appropriate?

When developing the draft , you could write these questions down first in your notebook and use them as a guideline to to help you organize your thoughts or write them on your draft and arrange your ideas under them . You may choose to erase them in the final work or turn some of them into subtitles to enable easy readership and also guide reader through your ideas when reading . You should also use the above questions to recheck contents readability - making sure that all significant questions have been answered in the article .

Remember your Reading Audience

Always remember your audience and be sensitive to their feelings whenever composing an article for them . When you are able to think their thoughts and make their feelings yours , it becomes a lot more easier knowing the kind of questions that the reader wants answered on the topic . You will then be able to design a material that fits their reading levels .

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    • mljdgulley354 profile image

      mljdgulley354 6 years ago

      I don't really know what my audience wants in my hubs. I try to add a bit of humor but mostly my articles are about my life growing up and life with my children.