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How to write Dialogue in English

Updated on November 7, 2014

Dialogue Writing

Dialogue-writing is a form of composition in which two or more persons talk to one another about a specific topic. A good dialogue is that which is a near to the spoken idiom as possible. It should be natural. It should reflect the tone of the speakers. This can be done by using punctuation marks such as the comma, exclamation and interrogation marks. When a speaker either a long dash or a series of dots. The teacher should explain to the students the use of punctuation marks while discussing the dialogues.

In a dialogue, we present two persons and their views. We should be clear about the ideas and attitude of the characters (or speaker) before setting the pen to the paper. The main theme, i.e. the topic of the dialogue, should be introduced in a natural manner. It should be developed through conversation between the speakers. Sentences should be brief, to the point and meaningful. In a dialogue, the speakers do not make speeches, but talk to each other.

It would be a useful exercise if the teacher gives the students a certain topic and asks them to discuss it. He may also take part in the conversation to encourage the students. If they engage in this kind of exercise seriously, they would be able to speak correctly. From speech to writing is the next step. Oral practice would help them in writing. The teacher may also discuss the themes of the dialogues before giving home assignments.


Important Points

In dialogue writing we should know the topic clearly, and then start talking on it. The dialogue should be like drama. And other i mean audience should enjoy it, because if you are confuse to talk on your topic then your audience will be bore. The dialogues are same like a drama or a film scene. You should enjoy it and do dramatic style during the dialogue practice. Speaking dialogues is something different as writing dialogues. But a good written dialogue will be good spoke and audience will enjoy it.

It is very necessary and important part of English learning to know the tenses. If you don't understand the times, it's mean that if you want to talk about yesterday so it mean that it had been passed. If you want to talk about current situation, so it is being passed. And if you want to talk about tomorrow so it will come to be passed. You should keep them in your mind and do practice according to the tenses.

Paragraphs in Dialogue

It is possible to write a paragraph in dialogue, because sometimes it happens to talk long as it is possible. But it needs to clear the passage and if the passage is showing something different meanings as the topic is, so it will be like that going to New York but driving on a wrong road.

It depends on write of dialogue how much actors need for the dialogues, and it depends on writer how long paragraph should be. Paragraphs used to defined the dialogues of the actor in details, during any hard discussion. It is easy to write paragraphs about dialogue but it should make any sense according to the dialogue title it is a difficult task. Sometimes dialogues become so boring because their paragraphs or phrases don't have any kind of sense or they don't attract the audience mind. Sometimes it happens when the dialogues of the play written well and good. But the actors are not playing a good role during the acting. As we know that acting in front of strangers is a some kind of difficult job.

Dialogue Between Husband and Wife

Husband: Hey! my sweet heart what are you doing?

Wife: Ah! i am good, but you are looking so happy today...hmm

Husband: Yup! I have a good news for you my sweet heart

Wife: Wow! you mean we are going for Shopping?


Wife: What's up, i was just joking darling.

Husband: Please sweet heart, this kind of joke i don't like you know

Wife: OK!

Above Dialogue Description

As you read the above dialogue between two actors, in which one is innocent Husband and other is cruel Wife. Husband was talking about his good news, but misunderstanding of wife about the shopping. Same like this there are many type of discussion dialogues, which are so interesting when people read it. But if these type dialogues happen in real life so it becomes so difficult to be handle.

Writers should try to write something interesting and there should be a good moral for the readers and also audience, because if the audience like it so it's mean that the writers does a good job. If the audience become bore from the dialogues of the play. So it will be a worst result for the writer of the play's dialogue. It is not a easy job or task to write something unique, which makes happy strange peopel. As we know that every people thinks different. So how it is possible to write a good and unique thing which should be easy to be understand by everyone. Audience needs entertainment and the writer and producer should read the mind of audience first. Sometimes writer and producer both are same person, which is too much difficult task but it is easy because one mind is working on one thing.


English is not our mother or native language, as in Asian countries everyone is trying his best to practice his speaking skills in English. And they should do practice taking part in dialogues, because they will know the situation and start talking about that given topic. It will help them to get new vocabularies and as we know that without soul body is called dead body. Like that, without vocabularies language is not complete. Students should use new vocabularies in their practice sessions of speaking English. From this kind of session they will get improvement in their speaking skills and one day they will know how much they can speak fluently.


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