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How to write a Paragraph in English

Updated on November 7, 2014
Start thinking and then write
Start thinking and then write

A - Paragraph Writing

A paragraph is a short piece of composition. It describes a thing or narrates s story briefly. Now you may have many things to say about a particular topic, but you cannot say all of them in a paragraph. Your paragraph should be between 100 and 150 words. There is, therefore, no room for less necessary details or repetitions of ideas in a paragraph. You have to write only those things which are directly related to the subject. Your paragraph, however, should be complete in itself. If it is descriptive, it should give a complete in itself. If it is descriptive, it should give a clear picture of the things or person you are writing about. If it is narrative, it should tell the story in an interesting way; what happens first should come first and what happens last should come at the end. Verbs should be in the same tense, so far as possible.

The paragraph should be written in simple correct English. Long sentences are not always good. Simple and short sentences are easy to manage; but don’t write all the sentences in the same pattern. Your paragraph should begin with a good sentence that tells something important about the subject. The last sentence should sum up the paragraph. A paragraph contains only one paragraph. You should not break it up into smaller parts.

Important Points for writing

  1. When you are asked to write a paragraph on a particular topic, try to remember all the things you know about it.
  2. Then write down all the ideas that come to you.
  3. Now read carefully what you have written and sort out all the sentences which are not really necessary.
  4. Read what remains and thinks over it for some time. Perhaps you have another good idea. If it is really important and relevant, include it in the paragraph.
  5. Before writing the final draft, make sure that your sentences are grammatically correct and are properly arranged.
  6. Now write your paragraph and read it to make sure that you have not missed a word here or made a spelling mistake there.
  7. Remember that a good paragraph is interesting and readable.

B – Specimen Paragraph

Here are some paragraphs. They will give you some information about certain topics. You are not to memories theme. Just read them once or twice and then write your own paragraphs on the same topics. You are free say anything you like is your own way. The specimens are only to guide and help you.

Your paragraphs should be spicy and easy to be understand. If reader doesn't understand your written articles. So they will never come to visit your blog or website. Try to write straight forward because don't try to ride on your reader. If your reader read whole article and he or she doesn't understand what you wrote. They will ask many other people don't visit your website or blog. I think it is easy to write correct and easy English which to be understandable by people.

A Farmer at Work

A farmer is perhaps the most important man in the world. He grows food for us. He works in all seasons of the year. He says his prayers before the sun rise. Then he goes to his fields for plugging. At noon, his wife brings him his simple lunch. He is tired by now and his oxen too need some rest. He takes them to the fodder-trough. He sits under a tree and eats his meal. Then he smokes his hugga for some time and lies down for the midday nap. An hour or so later, he is up and busy again. He cuts fodder and carries it to the cattle-shed. By now it is late afternoon. He is tired but he has many more things to do. He has to clear his fields of grass and weeds. As the evening falls, he fills the fodder troughs. Then he milks his cow or buffalo. It is almost dark when he returns home to his family.

A Nurse on Duty

For the indoor patients, a nursing sister is no less important than a doctor. The doctor comes to them once or twice a day but she looks after them day and night. Dressed in her clean white uniform, she is always busy in the ward. Now she is giving medicines to the patients and now she is taking their pulse and temperature. She has to write all these things or their charts. Many of the patients are seriously ill. They need injections every few hours. Some patients are short-tempered. Some many refuse to take their medicines. The nurse knows how to deal with them. She gives them sympathy and kindness. Even when they become unreasonable, she is not angry or impatient. She helps them to regain their health. She is there whenever they need her. She takes care of them like a loving sister, without demanding any reward. That is why she is called a nursing sister.


In this article I defined and cleared everything about paragraph writing. It is necessary to understand the subject or topic on which you are going to write an article, because when you understand the topic or subject then it is clear that you are ready to write on it. Writing about something is not a difficult task; it is difficult when you are not able to understand the topic.

By the way, writing about anything is an art, because when you write about any topic which you should know about it very well. When people read it, they enjoy it or maybe become bore, but you should write your paragraphs that is easy to be understand. Every paragraph should have their own sound and their sounds should be connected with previous paragraphs.

You should write like that, if your reader is hungry he or she should forget about to eat something. I mean try to write something testy, as sometimes recipes look tasty but actually they are not.


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