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5 Steps to a Perfect and Sufficient Essay

Updated on February 23, 2015

1) Brainstorm Before Research

Brainstorming is one of the most important parts of your writing process. It's truly impossible to just jump into any written piece of work with out a bit of decision making and/or trial and error. Brainstorming allows you to seek the perfect topic to research, and it makes it easier for you construct the essay in the future. From my experience, brainstorming enabled me to actively chose the perfect topic to research.


  • It is better to make a list of all the topics you have in mind.
  • Then do some background research on them to see if they are research-able topics.
  • Actively cross out any topics that you can use.

2) Time to Choose Your Topic

Sine the point of brainstorming is to find several rational and research-able topics, the next step is to chose one from the few you may have found. If you brainstormed correctly, you would have done some quick background checks on the topics to see whether or not they were research-able, It is best to chose the topic that had the most information on it. Basically, you want to chose a topic that will leave you with multiple resources to refer to while writing your essay. A topic with several resources will pave your way through your essay writing simply because the useful information you have found will give your readers a concrete understanding of the point you are trying to make.

*Resources are usually more accurate and useful if they are from databases. Try to use databases that your institution present, or ask you instructor for help, if necessary.

3) Organize Your Information

Now that the hard part is out of the way, you can begin to piece together the information you have found regarding your topic. The best way to organize your essay is to construct an outline. constructing an outline will allow you to visually organize the data you have.

Through my early years i realized there was nothing more frustrating than becoming lost in your own writing. That's why it is important to plan out your essay before writing. Outlines are useful for all essays and even speeches. Outlines are a magnificent tool for all written works.

4) Begin to write

Since you have completed the outline, you can use this as a resource. it is very handy to have iby your side while writing your essay because you can easily see how your essay is supposed to be constructed. Along with the outline, you should have your sources with you. If you used online databases, then it is best for you to print those pages out. Having a hard copy alows you to make notes, underline, and highlight important information needed for your essay. Below, are some helpful tips for essay writing.


  • use compound and/or complex sentences. scholarly written essays don't usual;y have simple structured sentences. Having complex and/ or compound sentences will show that you, as a writer, have a strong point to argue..
  • Refrain from using cliches.
  • Don't use ( I, me , my, you, myself, yourself, mines, yours, etc.). Use ( One, a person, a student, etc.)
  • Make sure you add in-text citations to your direct quotes and paraphrases. This step is very important because not citing your sources is plagiarism, which is a very serious offense. So you must use citations within your work.
  • Always use transitions. Transitions show a clear transition to your next argument. Also, try to use strong transitions such as: furthermore, thus, hence, as for.., moreover, all in all, etc.

Research and citation Help

If you need help with citations and Research click on the link below. The "Purdue OWL" helped me a lot when i needed writing help. Along with that, Citation machine is an easy way to cite your resources without having to do it manually.

5) Edit Your Essay

Your essay is finished, but not completely. Now, the next step is to label it "Draft one". The reason for this is because one draft is usually not acceptable to turn in to your instructor. Many essays have grammatical and/or typos that need to be fixed. I usually create three drafts. Draft one, Draft two, and Final draft. having more then one draft will allow you to attend to any errors before grading. Here is an easy to follow editing process that i follow.

Draft one:

  • Read through your essay. When you spot any errors fix them immediately to avoid forgetting to do so in the future. check the format of your paper (margins, font size, and font style). Check your citation page at the end of your essay.

Draft two:

  • Quickly re-read you essay. just to check to see if you missed any errors. Then ask a peer, instructor, or family member to read it. Ask them to mark any errors that they detect so you can fix them. having another person read your essay is a good decision because it is known that some authors miss errors, but their readers can detect them.

Final Draft:

  • All errors should be fixed and the editing process should be complete. This draft can be graded.

Overview of The writing process

These five steps are helpful tools to ensure that you receive a perfect grade on your essay. It may seem like there is a lot to do before completing your essay, but it really isn't. At first, the time you spend on constructing your essay may be lengthy, but it gets easier as you write more and more essays in the future. I'm sure these steps will be useful for you as they were useful for me.


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