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The Supremacy of Divine Law over Human Law in Antigone ( As a Resume Sample )

Updated on August 17, 2020
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Antigone is a tragedy written by Sophocles in 441 BC and is a post-Civil War drama in which Oedipus' two sons kill each other.


Divine law is any law that is understood as deriving from a transcendent source, such as the will of God or gods in contrast to man-made law. Man-made law is a law that is made by humans, usually considered in opposition to concepts like natural law or divine law. The present study explores the divine law followed by Antigone in the burying Polynices superior to the human law followed by Creon and Ismene.

Antigone | Source

The overarching question that my research addresses are:

⦁ Why divine law followed by Antigone is superior to human law followed by King Creon?

⦁ How divine law is superior to human law in Antigone?

⦁ Is really divine law followed by Antigone in burying Polynices was right or wrong choice then as to human law?

Background and Significance:

The present study is an endeavor to seek the way in which divine law followed by Antigone becomes superior to human law followed by king Creon. The study is significant because it gives a very basic concept of superiority of divine law over human law as there may be some mistakes in man-made law.
The study also facilitates to comprehend this topic by focusing on the specific local text of Antigone novel as well as human experience. The study is also important because it emphasizes all important aspects through which divine law becomes superior to human law.

Literature Review:

Divine law is the law of morality and nature. It is superior to human law. It is superior to any man-made law due to possible fluctuation in human law. The superiority of divine law over human law is important as it gives a sense of internal pleasure to a human being.

Aristotle is said to be the father of natural law. Aristotle association with the superiority of natural law is due to the interpretation given to his work by Thomas Aquinas. Aristotle interprets the supremacy of natural law in his book “Natural law”.

Thomas Aquinas: Divine law according to St. Thomas Aquinas is revealed truth through the bible about the nature of salvation and gods being. It is a segment of what Aquinas calls “entered truth” which is an immutable truth that is revealed from gods, regardless of the subject.

Edwin Grant Conklin claims about the supremacy of divine law by writing: “Man cannot change a single law of nature, but can put himself into such relations to natural laws that can profit by them”.

Holy Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H): taught about the supremacy of divine law over human law though his Sunah and Holy Quran.

She buried her Brother
She buried her Brother | Source


The study is based on critical discourse analysis of Sophocles novel “Antigone”. This novel provides a good social example in character of Antigone to understand supremacy of divine law over human law in Antigone.

To analyze the text, I will draw the concepts of different scholars like Aristotle, Thomas Aquinas, Edwin. Moreover, some teaching of Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) shall also be included for further text analysis because he gave the concept about the supremacy of divine law over human law not only thorough his teachings but also thorough his practical works.
The barrier that I faced in this research proposal was to include ideas of all important scholars related to this topic. I solved this problem with the help of the internet and with the help of some books provided to me by my friends. The method that I used was a critical discourse analysis. No method is perfect other methods that could be were interviews and questionnaires for quantitative analysis purposes.


Preliminary supposition:

This study will help people to adopt the right way of living in the future. This study supremacy of divine law over human law will help to persuade the people “what should they do if states law is against their religion and natural law.
This study will help the people to differentiate between right and wrong and to recognize the actual heroes of society like Antigone in “Antigone novel”


  • Reference:

Book by Eldin policy 36, the background of American by Corwin.
Antigone novel by Sophocles constitutional law, judicial review without a constitution.
Natural law by Aristotle.

  • Bibliography:

Study of works of Aristotle, Thomas Aquinas and study the teaching of Holy Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H).

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2020 Sher Xaman


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