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How to write an eFed Roleplay

Updated on June 14, 2011

So you think you can write better than the people who make pro wrestling. You think you've got the chops to put out a better show than Vince McMahon or Dixie Carter. You think that pro wrestling is boring and the world is waiting for you to create the next Stone Cold Steve Austin or John Cena.

Now it's time for reality. Most people have very little chance at becoming writers for TNA or WWE. It's just not going to happen to most people. That doesn't mean you can't still have fun with it. Out on the internet is a vast sea of what are called Electronic Federations, eFeds for short. These are sites usually run by one or a small group of people that create their own alternate reality where you can be a big time wrestling superstar. Now some of these sites fall by the wayside rather quickly due to the people who own them not really knowing what they are doing, or because they cater to their friends and their own egos. Very few sites last longer than a few months, other though last for years.

One of these sites is the EFed Knights. A conglomeration of several feds that work together, share players and also allow new feds to post information on their board. This is a group of people who have gotten together to create something that has endured quite a while. They've created a Podcast called the Round Table which is put together every month and takes on the topics important to them (They also use it as a way to lash out at those that have maligned them)

Another site which is more near and dear to this reporter's heart is Asylum Wrestling Alliance. The history of this site goes back to about 2003 when an actual former ECW prospect and a friend created an eFed called Global Wrestling Alliance. A lot of their friends joined them building a large roster at one point. The thing is the fed didn't show favorites. Although most of the guys knew each other from other eFeds the staff, which consisted of players from the roster, would vote on who would win the matches. The owners Dennis Mahr And Earl (Known as Grinder and Al Cohol) didn't decide who the winners were. Rich roleplays filled with content were the norm. One player a woman who played a character called Lady Elizabeth Ashe was known for writing novellas to take on her opponents. Her real life husband who also played a female character wrote in a similar style. The world created was one of the good guys, usually those who were against the owners, facing the owner's lackeys. Stables were common. Years later the two men running the place gave it to a new owner and it's now the Asylum. Very little in the way it's run has been changed and it's still based on a player vote system.

Okay so you've looked at those two sites, or heck you just googled Wrestling efeds and come up with one you want to apply to. Well the first thing you have to do is create a character. Most of the successful feds out there want you to make someone up. Yeah, you could be Shawn Michaels, but that sorta limits you to playing him as he played him. An Original Character has more flexability than the guys you see on TV. They've spent years becoming who they are and when you go to write them, you have to be true to that. An original character allows you to really explore your inner Superstar.

Now you've created a character. You're now called a Handler. A Handler is a person who controls a character, he's never heard from in the In Character world. Next is figuring out what your character looks like. Now some sites are super technical and have a Create A player feature using cgi modeling. MOST use jpgs for avatars. This is where you can have a guy who LOOKS like Shawn Michaels, but isn't him. There are tons of websites out there dedicated to pictures of famous people. Once again it's easy to Google, especailly if you have a wrestler in mind. Some people, like myself, use actors instead of wrestlers as their avatars. It's the freedom to do what you want with the character.

Next is filling out all the cool, neat stuff. Background info, what they wear to the ring, and the moves list. Usually this includes a bunch of standard wrestling moves, a couple setup moves and a limited number of finisher moves. A standard move is anything like a clothesline, arm bar, press slam, punches, kicks, the everyday mundane moves that happen during the fight.

A setup move is a special move that sets up another move. Usually the finisher. Think of the Five Knuckle Shuffle John Cena uses. This is a set up move, you know when he pulls it out either the Attitude Adjustment is coming, or he's about to use the STFU to get his opponent to tap out.

A finisher. This is the last move of the match, usually. Think the aforementioned Attitude Adjustment, The RKO, Scorpion Death Drop, or The Hardy's Twist of Fate/Hate. This is a move meant to look so devastating that it puts the opponent out for the three count.

Now why did we spend time on all that when this is titled How to write an eFed Roleplay? Well, just like an infant has to crawl before it can walk, you the writer have to establish a character first. You have to lay the ground work and find your place in this alternate universe. Realistically most characters are not written like they write for WWE or TNA. Most eFed Characters are realistic people in a fake world, not super humans in a realistic world. Your character is probably going to lose to some of the more established names, unless you seriously take a look at building a great character. The first part was the application, the second part is the roleplays. Now I would be doing you a great disservice if I let you go into one of these feds thinking you can write something like this.

Musclehead McGee walks down to the ring with a pissed off look on his face and a mic in his hand.

MM: I've had it with being the whipping boy around her. I'm going to beat all your asses.

Musclehead McGee Storms back to the back after he throws the mic down.

That's just not going to cut it in most GOOD eFeds. What a good player needs to focus on is not just the trash talk. Now it is an important element. You don't want to spend three pages describing the character's day, people aren't reading the roleplay for that. You need to mix in description and trash talk. You need to build the character through interaction with the world around it. You need to make the character live. Here's an example

Here it is again, Time for the Man in Black to prove he is good enough to be champion. What has happened the past couple weeks is exactly what Metamania has said happened. Fang has lost his focus. He has lost his focus, he has lost his way. The fire still burns bright inside the Spirit of the Wolf, but he definitely has not been acting like the beast he says he is. He has been sidetracked by conspiracy and it’s nobody’s fault but his own. Now he finds himself in an important match. A match that will determine who out of five people will be the Universal Champion. A match that will determine if Fang has been right all along, or if his brother has been right about him…

A few minutes after Insomnia went off the air….

The man in black breaks down the door to Goth’s office. Brenda is there, but Goth and Sapphira have taken off. The man in black hugs Brenda and she in turn grabs onto him and won’t let go for a good long while. There is a note on Goth’s desk with Fang’s name on it, he picks it up and reads it.

My Dear Brother,

I just wanted to show you that I know who and what is most important to you. I know it’s not some stupid belt held by an ungrateful buffoon who thinks he’s the best in the world. I know you care about your precious Brenda more than anything. I know that all your doing is trying to show me that you don’t need me, and that may be true. I do know who you do need. I do know who you can’t live without. Just remember this during your match this week. Have fun, and destroy Metamania for me. Remember Brenda’s safety is riding on it.

Your Brother,


Fang crumbles up the letter. He lowers his head. There is only so much one man can do against another who has the backing of a whole organization. There is only so far a man can be pushed before he reaches his breaking point. The man in black looks almost broken. One more tiny push could send the Spirit of the Wolf into the darkness again. Fang looks over at his wife. Tears are streaming down her eyes as she picks up the crumpled letter off the floor. The man in black kneels down and pulls her close. He kisses his wife, and gets her to her feet.

If the Character is dealing with emotion, show it. If the character is a rotten heel show it. Figure out the character's role and play it. Be descriptive, exposition things that need to be said. This is the only chance in the game you get to build the storylines. It's the only moment that matters as in most feds the matches are written by others. You only get one or two of these moments during the week to talk about the opponent and to talk about the stories you and your fellow players are building.

That's another tip for successful writing in a game like this. Read the other players roleplays. Look at what they are saying to your character this week. Answer back at them in what you build, but also add your own thoughts to the mix. This game isn't about winning or losing. It's about writing the best matches you can and seeing the world you create blossom. Sure you're not going to make a million dollars playing a Wrestling game, but it gives you a chance to live your dream. Write better than Vince, and make a bunch of friends at the same time.

Have fun and maybe I'll see you in the squared circle.


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    • profile image

      Guy 4 years ago

      The original article is restored in full on the eWscene site, and still in tact seems to be the credit originally given to the author....

    • profile image

      Reader 2 4 years ago

      To be fair, EFK no longer considers themselves an eWrestling site.

    • profile image

      Reader 4 years ago


      Some guy stole your article and then edited it to take out stuff like your efedknights link and stuff like that.

    • profile image

      Mete 6 years ago

      Now the only way this fed could be more effective is if the tool running the place wouldn't be so biased about who they let into their secret club. Don't say something that may piss off Goth otherwise you find yourself banned.