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How to write an ebook, promote it and make money

Updated on December 13, 2014

A guide to writing an e-book

Writing an ebook is one of the best ways to make money online - and the best way to make money writing. Internet is a wide river which you can use to get many sales as long as you're able to reach your target. I wrote my first ebook when I was 18 years old, and it made me about $50 dollars - but those were the money that proved to me that this is what I want to do in my life - writing.

Writing an ebook that will get many sales isn't easy task, so I decided to create this ultimate guide for writing and promoting ebook and make passive income in the Internet.

How to write an ebook

Before we'll get to selling your ebook, you need to write it first - and that's probably the easiest thing to do in whole process. You need an idea - what do you want to write about? Your hobby, your work, your projects, your ideas - the choice is yours. When you already have the idea, you have to get to work.

Step by step guide to writing an ebook

First you need to write down all your headlines - they will create a plan (a map) for whole ebook. Everything you want to write about should be written down using headlines - bigger, smaller, very small.

Then under each headline you can put some ideas as what you're going to write about in this specific section. When you're done with basic plan of the ebook, you can get to real work - write it down. You have to write the content so the whole ebook will be at least 100 pages long. Smaller ebooks might not get much sales.

When you're done, you need to proof check whole your work. Fix the grammar, correct all mistakes and get to work on DTP. Create a nice layout for whole ebook, add some additional links and save it as PDF.

How to Sell E-Book

When your e-book is done, the next step to make is to sell it. In order to do so, you will require two things - a website, and payment engine.

The Website

This one will be pretty simple. You can get a server, then a domain name (I suggest Namecheap (aff) - I use their services all the time). Then you can set up a website with WordPress. You will need a promotional page for your e-book.

Get some professional design, the best you can get - with it, your e-book will look much more professional.

The Selling Engine

Now - how to manage payments and downloads? I suggest E-Junkie (aff) - I use it, and I love it because:

  • You can set almost any currency
  • You can set flat price, or donation price model
  • You can create product's variations
  • You can launch great affiliate program for others
  • You can sell anything digital
  • All of this and more costs only $5 per month
With E-Junkie, you can manage payments through PayPal, Google Checkout, 2Checkout, not mentioning credit cards. And download is automated, whenever someone pay you, he or she gets an email with download link.
With website and E-Junkie both working, you can start selling.

How to promote an ebook

Here are few tips and ideas for promoting your ebook.

  • Use Social Network - if you have account on Twitter, or Facebook or any other social network website, don't hesitate to promote your ebook there.
  • Write guest posts for blogs - promote your ebook on blogs that deal with similar subjects to the subject of the ebook, using guest posts. Bloggers love guest posts on their blogs :).
  • Get Affiliates - find people who will sell the ebook for you, receiving a % of each sale's income. Affiliate marketing is very popular these days.
  • AdWords - invest some money and promote the ebook via paid advertisement. In my opinion, AdWords works the best.
  • Facebook Ads - with these, you will be able to send well targeted traffic to your e-book's website.
  • Your own website - if you own a website such as blog, be sure to advertise the ebook there, too!
  • Use Articles Marketing - write useful articles for directories, promoting your work further.
Create Facebook Page - especially if there is no blog on your promotional website FB page will help you interact with your readers, get suggestions, opinions and testimonials. 

Promote an ebook on your website

Do you have a website on your own? For example a blog? If yes, they you should promote your ebook there, too. If your website is directly related to the subject of your ebook, then you should launch a whole promotional campaing there. But if it's just a personal website, you can put a link and short information that you have written an ebook.

Last Few Words

Be patient - writing an ebook is a hard work and selling it is even harder. But once it's well promoted, you can just sit back and relax, watching as it sells by itself.


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