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How to write effectively, your readers with your writing

Updated on January 7, 2017

Engaging your readers with your writing skills is one of the most crucial things to consider about writing because usually, there is always the worry of boring and losing the readers. Seeing your story as one of the page-turners is a great achievement, but not everyone can be a great writer. The truth is, only a few percentage of the world’s population are given the natural talent in writing. Most of the students cannot write the same way as the 13-year old Anne Frank did, whose words were better than some of the adult writers. But in the first place you do not need to be a best-selling author. As a young writer, you have to develop your writing skills to be able to write effectively, so that, when your teacher asked you to make a composition, you will be able to create one with quality. To write effectively is to write with quality, but it doesn’t mean you have to write like a pro. As a student who faces paper works every now and then, I came up with some tips and steps on how to write effectively.

Tips in becoming a good writer

First of all, be confident. Even if you have the natural talent in writing, if you lack assurance and confidence, you will always have the fear to continue. So stay calm and write your story the way you want it to be.

Second, be yourself. Do not pretend that you are somebody. Remember that everyone else is unique, and each is given a measure of talents and minds, so never imitate a style in writing. Feel free to express your true self. Your pure feeling and not the feeling of others is the best instrument for clarity. Write it honestly and tell it as best as you can.

After setting your writing condition, you must know your objective. A topic without a clear idea will lead you nowhere. Find your subject. Your own distinctive subject may not be based on the reality, but based on another world which you have imagined. You can also improve it by doing some research. Then, organize your thoughts and ideas to create a flow. Think of it as a story telling. Make sure that the sequence of ideas in the beginning, middle, and end are in chronological order. If you feel uneasy on how and where to start, take a short break and do not think deeply. You’ll be surprised to find yourself doing your prewriting afterwards.

The next step is to make it simple. You should always consider your choice of words and never use a word that you do not know. Do not use complicated words to avoid misinterpretation and misunderstanding. Try to keep your sentences short and direct to the point. Also, do not overuse the words to avoid redundancy. If you think something doesn’t sound good, rephrase it. Keep in mind that the clarity of expression is one of the best things in writing. When you are done with writing, always check for errors, because even the smallest punctuation mark can change the meaning of everything. Learn the basics of grammar and keep the dictionary beside you for spelling. You can also look for major errors and revise them.

Finally, take time to practice writing and read other’s works. To finish your story, pass it, and get a grade is not the end of your writing journey. Even if you are born to have a talent in writing, if you don’t take time to practice it, it will never be developed. Try to read and study the works of others so you can get a hint of your natural style of writing. Never underestimate the power of learning from reading and writing. Make it as a hobby and allow yourself to write the best way you can. Remember that having a good attitude, more than intelligence or education, determines success.

Now that I have made my own techniques on how to write effectively, I was able to recall the nights I spent in thinking all of these, and all I can say in the end is, writing is a lifetime profession. It is a challenging job which consumes time and effort. But even so, you don’t stop writing as long as you have the thoughts. You write because you have something to say, to treasure, and to share. Now that I’ve made this essay, isn’t it funny to ask myself if I made this essay effective?

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