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Learn copy writing and make tonnes of money

Updated on May 22, 2016

How does it work?

A way with words.

This is how you would describe a person who can write engaging and highly persuasive copy for the internet media and go on to win hearts.

Yes, right. The main objective of a copywriter is to win hearts.

No one takes it more seriously than the buyers themselves, to fall in love with the product and services they pay for with their hard earned money and and brag about it. Advertising serves your purpose and will spread like a wild fire, igniting everything on its way.

It is like your favorite ice cream dripping down your lips. It is like the best holiday that you have taken and so ever thankful to the website that made it all possible for you.

It is like buying the nicest piece of a jewelry for your wife or girlfriend and making her proud.

Do you now see and want to learn so much how all this work? Lets get started.

Let me show you how to master the technique and art of selling by writing about them. Oh! you will love this. I promise.

Let me reveal them all step wise

-Now go take precise steps and take your own future into competent hands.

Begin by writing. The more you write the better you become

First research. No plagiarism please! Original is the only way to be.

First thing first. Understand your product/service and your audience. Without having an in depth understanding of your product/service, your niche and your target audience, you will not become a good copywriter.

Do these three things after you land your first gig.

1. Gather all product details like name, specs, content, price, distribution etc. You objective is to gather the as much data on the product/service and then research with the relevant data to find their market value or worth. Know your product/service intimately first, so your audience know it through you

2. Gather data and do a market analysis. You could use Google analytic to gather important and relevant data for your niche market. Information about the demographic and psychotropic of a given market are important and relevant information for you and your copy to make an impact on the audience. Without first understanding who your target audience is, you will be, most of the time, shouting up the wrong tree..

3. Next, ask and gather what the business owner wants to do. Like introducing a newer version of a product or service(or an advanced version in some cases), some kind of discount might be in the offing, or a change in approach to marketing like the advertising headlines/taglines, or the design of the website or the content therein. The business owner might be facing a down trend with sales and you might just be what they need to save the business.

Once you have all these data and what your prospect wants in your hands. Begin by writing down a strategy(of just 3 points) for you to advance further.

Your 3 point strategy follows

A 3 point strategy

Your three goals strategy looks like this (in no particular order).

1. Momentum : Building a momentum for sales or riding a wave already built.

2. Revive : Revive or try to revive a dead product or service and re-furbish a tarnished image due to bad sales, advertising or awful marketing.

3. Introduce : Introduce, establish, revive the product's image and brand personality.This is your test of skill at producing great copies. A.K.A sales.

Your creativity goes in here.

Now that you have everything in your hand! All credits goes to you for harnessing the correct researching method and doing everything on your own.

Now, getting down to it.

Describe your product/service in detail. Make it memorable and a once in a lifetime reading experience for your audience. Imagine yourself reading a great piece of advertising copy. Awesome isn't it? Wouldn't it not be for your audience too?

Try matching the product/service name with a tagline.

Eg. For a preschool called "FUN-WAYS" recently launched on the neighbourhood.

- A perfect tagline could be : "A whole day of fun for your kids"

Keep your copy concise and clear never skimping on words to keep the message clear.

Now, your product and service will have features or a short description possibly mentioning everything it does

- Highlight their unique features
Eg: "Everything here is built with safety in mind".

And also, what it is not.

Eg. " Our product is not ..." and then compare its advantage with that of pricier ones.

Speak features and benefits to your audiences.

Feature of a product or service is like

Benefits of each of the features and the product as a whole.

The features and benefits of a product/service are not be always clearly highlighted or visible for all your audiences. Your job is to highlight these features and their benefits. If you have engaged the readers with your copy this long, you have whetted their appetite for more and probably by now your customer is ready for more from your own hands.

This has to do with a hell lot with demographics and psycho-graphics! Study them very hard.

Write for your audience.

Entice the mind of your customer with promises, benefits and clearly discernible advantages. You can clear a few doubts here(about buying decisions). You could say why buying your product could save more money.

Make promises

Promises: Warranty/Guarantee, money back, results (testimonial and proofs). Bolster their egos and speak to emotions rater than reason. Let your readers be reminded of the promises you make clearly with words and add graphics. Promise them everything, including, fame and fortune, peace of mind, social status and recognition. The list seems endless.

It is for you to decide where to start and where to end.

There are many benefits. Your readers may find a few of these benefits very useful and appealing.
1. Money well spend
2. Quality that will bring a smile
3. Fulfillment of an expectation like genuineness, status or eco-friendlliness
4. Perceived needs like comfort, ease of use, a scientific breakthrough
5. Time saved

Finally, clear their doubts. Remove their fear and guilt with the testimonials, proofs, standards and certifications. Always end with a clear "Call to action".

Check your copy once more to see if any of these are missing:




Design (with the best display of font, art and graphics)

Now you are now building "TRUST" with your customer. You can establish and built TRUST with your words and actions. Be very good at establishing TRUST.

The whole edifice of advertising is built upon trust established between you and your customer and the product or service.

Establish trust and built a brand

With the Introduction over and your customer firmly hooked on your pitch. You will now try to position a product or service as the most favorable brand in their mind

Everyone loves to hold their favorite toy in their hand!

You will now try to establish a product or service in the mind of the audience with a unique selling proposition.

What exactly is a USP?

A product or service will have many features to be highlighted. Your job is to inform the audience about these features as a stand out in the crowded market place. Use the inverted pyramid style i.e. list out the features in order of importance.

A product or service will have clearly visible features and then some hidden benefits as well. Bring hidden benefits in broad daylight for your customers. You have to prompt your customer with benefits that are clearly visible and those that not so clearly visible . Make your audience buy with decisions out of well-informed choices and options. The product's USP being one of them.

So here, we try to find what would tell this product or service apart from its competition. It could be one of its many features, one of its special benefits, one of it acclaimed promises or even its price-friendliness

Lets highlight a USP:
E.g: A piece of a jewelry because of its unique design(..the highest selling item at a store)

Lets remind the customers of the USP! Lets find a USP and introduce it - if the product/service does not already have a USP defined, then find one for it.

This is how we establish or position the brand or the product/service in the minds of our audience.

What is a target audience? A small digression here..

Target audience is the intended crowd or group of people whether demographic or psycho-graphic. It may even be a group of people ranked according to their incomes.

We customize our messages for our target audience- even though our messages are meant for everyone including who can read, write, view or listen.

.............So, this is how our positioning messages will work for the intended target audience. You can only sell an energy drink to lazy lethargic people.

How to revive sales. A campaign at work!


This is to say that we try to revive a product that was once a hot selling item. It could mean that we try to revive a dead headline/tagline, a dead copy that did not evoke a response as expected.

Revive, is to re-write, re-model, re-position, re-tag, repeat, withdraw, substitute or anything that will make your product and service work the way that it should. You may call this re-branding.This is the time to take out those swipe files (Swipe files are those that contains copies that actually worked - for you or for someone else).

You could use the swipe files as point of reference to find out exactly and easily what will work better/best in this case. Or what went wrong with yours?

Remember: Changing a 'letter' or a 'word' in a copy could (completely) change the outcome of your campaign.

There! You now have a whole campaign laid out before you.

Keep working. The best best copy is yet to be.

Here is a little story of how all these work :"Building a Playful Brand, Brick by Brick: The History of Lego Marketing"

Happy fun copy writing to all!

- Let me know your thoughts. The only way I could improve this article is through feedback.

- Let me know if you need any help. I would be happy to share with you and advice.

- Leave your comments below. Thanks for reading!

Classic advertisement!
Classic advertisement!


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