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How to write your first novel

Updated on October 21, 2009

What's In a Name?

I remember back in grade school, a classmate of mine used to repeat my first and last name when addressing me. She would say, "Rose Scott Rose Scott Rose Scott," in quick rapid sessions. I believe it was because the two names went well together, sort of like Mary Jane or Mary Lu.

I like when people address me by my first and last name which is Rose Scott. The tone and sound it creates have a way of commanding my attention. I have wondered why some people call me by my first and last name. Not all the time, but sometimes I get that Rose Scott. I don't mind which ever way. It doens't matter one way or the other. Although I secretly like being called Rose Scott. It sounds like an author's name. I've been told that once or twice.

Anyway, I want to take this time out to say: Hello everyone! I am excited to be here! This is my first Hubpage! Welcome! I hope you enjoy it and will find it helpful in many ways!

I would love to tell you a whole lot about myself. Right now. There is plenty that I can share with you. But, a great majority of you have come to my Hub because you want to learn more about how to write that novel. For those of you who want to know how to write that first novel, you are at the right place. And for the rest of you, all of you as a matter of fact, you will surely learn a lot about me as you continue to view my upcoming Hubpages. Now let's begin with an idea.

Get The Idea

I am a writer. And I have written my first novel. I'm currently working on my synopsis. I know something about writing that I feel I can share with you. I look forward to presenting to you my first published novel.

This is the first of several Hubs on How to Write your first Novel. There is a lot one ought to know about this craft. As you follow along, you will indeed wrtie your first novel. We will, however, take it one step at a time. I will attempt to start at the beginning. That is, with the 'idea.' After that I will cover other structured areas you need to know about writing a novel. I also consider myself to be a teacher by nature. Having said that, I'm going to teach you how to write a novel. Hopefully you will find the information easy to assimilate, fun to read, and of interest and value. Writing is good for the soul!

Writing that first novel can be a lot of fun. It can seem daunting at times. It can certainly be an educating and rewarding experience. Most of all it can be very rewarding. The rewards are many and can come in many ways. You will feel self-confident in your achievement in the fact that you have written something of interest that others can find enjoyable or informing. Fiction writing can be informing. However, most non-fiction is written for the purpose to inform. For the most part, all writing should appeal to the reader by first being enjoyable. Later I will cover in more details the two basic types of writing which is: Fiction and Non-fiction in my subsequent hugpages.

One other rewarding experience of having that novel written and published, is that your novel can go on the Bestsellers' List. If you thrive for perfection in your writing you increase your chances of having your novel among the best sellers. It is clear to me that what you are learning in the readings of How to Write your First Novel, and in the subsequent writings to follow, will help you on your way.

Just Write It Down

For right now, I would like to share with you how to first get started with your 'idea.' These are just some of the basics, nevertheless, very important in writing a novel. Oh...and your writing should definitely appeal to the readers' emotions. Later on that too.

You began with an idea. Any idea that comes to mind. From that meekly idea you can construct a best selling novel! To get started, why don't you began by writing about something that you are already interested in. Something you feel that you can do well writing about.

If you can't come up with something in particular that you are interested in, then your idea for your story can come from any experience you once had in life as a child or as an adult. Or, your story idea can come from a broken love relationship. The point I am getting at is that you want to come up with an 'idea' to begin with. There are several reasons why this is important. When you have an 'idea' to work with as opposed to writing off the top of your head, (and there are great writers who do just that) you develop a map or pattern you can always turn back to, especially when you begin to write your next novel and then your next, and next and so on. And there you go...writing many books in just a short period of time because you have mastered this technique of constructing a novel.

When the idea is in your mind, write it down. Keep in mind too, that the idea doesn't have to be anything you put a lot and a lot of attention to. Just get an idea and write it down. From your idea, you have a starting place. You can now move on.

The Plot Gets Things Moving

As a way of looking at it, the plot is not what the story is all about, rather, it is the machine that propels the story along. An important concept to the plot is that in writing your story the plot should incorporate a problem or problems that are to be resolved. It should start off addressing what the main character (the protagonist) desires to achieve. You can always begin with just a simple idea. In fact, that is all you ever should begin with: a plain and simple idea. Let's say your idea is about a man who wants most of all in life is to have a family that he can call his own. A good man, well respected, kindhearted, and understanding. He would really make a wonderful husband and father. Now we have an idea. What do you think about that idea? That is, can you work around it? Can you come up with some problem that would stand in the way of this man attaining his goals in life? Surely you can. For example you can just come up with anything. (This is where that 'off the top of your head' can really pay off.) A problem for this man would be he does not have sufficient sperm count to pregnant his wife. He takes his wife to the doctor to find out why she isn't getting pregnant. Later he goes to see the doctor himself. Finally the truth is discovered. So he seeks out methods he could take to resolve the situation. He even experiments with a magic potion that is suppose to give him more vitality and strength. But as it turns out, he becomes weaker and impotent. Not only has his sperm count diminished, but he has discovered also that he is unable to get an erection. His wife takes on a lover. Coming upon his wife's lover, the husband tries to shot him but mistakenly shots his wife instead.  He kneels at his wife's side.  Her lovers tries to make an escape, but gets shot in the leg.  He hobbles to his car, making his escape.  Now this loving husband  is left with nothing. He loses everything. His dreams and hopes are lost. Besides that, he goes to prision for the killing of his wife. You can come up with some ideas and plots to put with them.

There Is Change At The End

Keep in mind that the plot is sort of twofolded in a way. It. moves the story along, with a few secret ingredients: it must be filled with problems. In a plot this happens and then this happen and so on. But as these things are happening, they must have a lot of problems associated with them. One final thing to mention here. The main characters and especially the Protagonist should be changed in some way at the end. Whatever life was like at the beginning of the story, at the end there should be change. The more dramatic the change the better it drives the emotions of the reader. The story may be sad at the end, but the reader will still love it.

Writing doesn't have to be too difficult. In fact as I stated it could be a lot of fun. And it is. You can be very creative and you can come to love it. Just remember to write down your ideas, and have your plot full of problems.

I do hope this has been easy to read and understand. But please feel free to make your comments or let me know if you need me to clarify anything. Meanwhile, enjoy writing and coming up with your most creative ideas! And We'll touch basis again. Soon!


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    • profile image


      8 years ago

      This is really helpfull and encouaging to me..i am trying to start writing my first novel i have a few ideas i juz dont know where to start or how to start out ....lookin forward to reading more..

    • fastfreta profile image

      Alfreta Sailor 

      9 years ago from Southern California

      You certainly have a very vivid imagination, it's no wonder you've written your first novel. I hope you can get it published.

    • rosescottw profile imageAUTHOR

      Rose Scott 

      9 years ago from Los Angeles, California

      Why thank you Duchess OBlunt. What an encouraging and welcoming comment. There is more coming shortly.

    • profile image

      Duchess OBlunt 

      9 years ago

      This is a nice start. Looking forward to more.



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