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How Writing Became My Passion

Updated on April 21, 2015
ananceleste profile image

Anan Rivera is an online blogger, poet and YouTuber that highlights spiritual, social and health related topics.

Like many, I had a difficult childhood, hardly any friends. I was the classic bookworm, the geeky girl that no one noticed, except maybe for being the joke of the day. Sometimes even the teachers picked on me. Things like this became the norm and eventually who I was. Bad at sports and had no musical talent, so I turned to books. I know it can sound pretty pathetic, but I always preferred the company of a good book instead of trying to fit the stereotype of what my peers tried to impose as “in”.

Finding the Beauty of Books

I learned almost everything from books. One thing I was sure of , that there was nothing I wanted to learn from my environment. So I picked up some books and started to read. Believe it or not the first book that I read cover to cover was “The Divine Comedy” - by Dante Allegiery. I was 12 years old, I had to hide it underneath my mattress. I fell in love with the written word. Even the words that were alien to me, raised a curiosity that I still have today when I pick up a book.

When Writing Became My Escape

It’s easy to imagine how a kid with no friends or people to talk to, turns to writing. A simple notebook was my best friend for a long time. I would write poetry, short stories and of course a very detailed diary. As I entered Junior High, I got more exposed to different kind of genres and authors. Spending most of my free time on writing and researching material for my papers. One day by accident, I left my notebook in the classroom were a classmate found it. That was the beginning of my unofficial career as a ghost writer.

The Freshman "Ghost Writer"

I smile remembering how much of my work would be circulated at my school by the end of my freshman year. At any given time, ten or twelve papers on different kinds of subjects were being graded and winning competitions on the school grounds baring the name of other students, but written by me. By the time I was a Junior, I had a reputation as a ghost writer that reached two college campuses. At first, I was doing this for free. Later on, as the stakes rose and the complexity of the work increased in difficulty, desperate students would give me money for a personalized paper and a tutorial on how to present it. It made me feel important, and at the same time I could never claim ownership of anything. I was still alone. The Goth nerdy girl, with ten different senior projects to choose from, with the guarantee to get an A.

Believe it or not, I never got caught, nor did the clients. I am not proud of it. But at the same time, it gives me a sense of accomplishment. Six poetry contests, 26 dissertations, 16 term papers, 12 thesis, 3 doctoral thesis before I graduated High School. ( One of them published) With a broken down typewriter and a note pad, living in the library. The only problem was to customize the papers to the style and personality of the student, including their level of education and knowledge on the subject. I was still a weirdo, an outcast. I didn't care about that, I was writing. And in essence no one knew it.

The Girl With Nothing To Say

Valentine's Day was the busiest time for me, but not in the way I would want. Boys would pay me five dollars to write a personalized poem for their girlfriends. Even a teacher contracted my services to write a sonnet for his fiancée. All this attention from people made me wonder why my own family could care less about my interest. It was when one of my poems got published in a local paper that they noticed, for five minutes. By then, I had over a hundred drafts in notebooks in my closet. I was so depressed and so isolated that the only thing that kept me going was putting my feelings and thoughts on paper.

In my first year of college, I got sick and had my first heart attack and a mild stroke. My life changed forever. As my health deteriorated, so did my writing. So I stopped.

Are you writing to fulfill a dream?

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Seeking My Voice, Again

As the years progressed, so did my conditions. With each passing year, new challenges and new reasons to record what I have seen and gone through. About two years ago I was back in the hospital because of my heart. I asked a nurse for some paper and a pen so I could write a letter to my children. That letter was the catalyst I needed to write again.

It kept me from what was going on with my health and alleviated the stress of my situation. I write to bring a voice to those that, like I had something to say but no one listened. I don’t care about recognition, just the peace that writing brings to my soul.

The day My Pen Stops

I want to be able to tell my story. To put on paper my struggle and my triumph over the many obstacles that plagued my life. To bring someone, somewhere the hope that every person needs to keep fighting. The day that my pen stops writing, I can be at peace with the girl that had something to say and no one knew that she lived.

Come along with us in this journey. Let your voice be heard. Let your pen show you the way with Hubpages.

Anan Rivera’s Registered & Protected Textual Work

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    • profile image

      Cash 2 years ago

      I can't hear anhyitng over the sound of how awesome this article is.

    • profile image

      GreenPrince 2 years ago

      What a hub! The story is enlightening and motivating.

    • ananceleste profile image

      Anan Celeste 3 years ago from California

      I love titi. We all have a story to tell, that is what makes us human. XOXO

    • profile image

      mirta la fontaine 3 years ago

      I knew since the first-time You wrote to me that you were special. I felt my soul move, l felt as if something mine returned to me. I have not seen you since you were a. littler girl, I Love you. We hace a lot in common, a very lonely childhood. But that's why you have such great spirit, a sudding hart and great writer. Sorry for your hart probems. If you ever need me call, I will always be there for you. Kissssss...Titi.

    • ananceleste profile image

      Anan Celeste 4 years ago from California

      Thank you trusouldj; So funny!

    • trusouldj profile image

      trusouldj 4 years ago from Indiana

      Very nice. I would have had a crush on you if I'd known you in high school, sitting on the steps writing in your notebook.

    • ananceleste profile image

      Anan Celeste 4 years ago from California

      Hi Deborah !

      We all have our story. I always knew that I was never very good at it, but it has helped me along the way to understand the world around me. Blessings.

    • Deborah Brooks profile image

      Deborah Brooks Langford 4 years ago from Brownsville,TX

      awesome hub.. I write because I love it.. if anyone wants to read what i write than that is even better.. bless you an hugs for writing this


    • ananceleste profile image

      Anan Celeste 5 years ago from California

      thanks Sonya! Happy that you dropped by.

    • ananceleste profile image

      Anan Celeste 5 years ago from California

      PatKay; if this is your dream , never let go of it. Dreams are need of the soul to express herself.

    • Patkay profile image

      Patrick Kamau 5 years ago from Nairobi, Kenya

      A very touching hub, you have a gift and it is good that you are utilizing it. Thanks for sharing, your writing will encourage and strengthen others and give them that motivation to go on.

      I am also writing to fulfill a dream.

    • Sonya L Morley profile image

      Sonya L Morley 5 years ago from Edinburgh

      Interesting hub, I look forward to reading more of your work.

    • ananceleste profile image

      Anan Celeste 5 years ago from California

      Thank you anndavis25! Enjoy and participate my friend. this is a community that have enriched my life in many ways, especially, through their feedback.

    • anndavis25 profile image

      anndavis25 5 years ago from Clearwater, Fl.

      You are sincere, and speak well through your pen. This is my first visit, but I will read more.

      Be happy. Voted useful, up and interesting.

    • ananceleste profile image

      Anan Celeste 5 years ago from California

      Thank you Peggy W., we are walking miracles and I wish someday I can make a difference with my words.

    • Peggy W profile image

      Peggy Woods 5 years ago from Houston, Texas

      I agree with JamesPoppell,

      I also loved books from my early childhood and going forward. Hopefully you have suffered the last of your cardiovascular problems and will live a long and happy life with much more to write about and share with the rest of the world. May God bless you! Voted up and beautiful.

    • ananceleste profile image

      Anan Celeste 5 years ago from California

      Thank you so much for your comment. You re right, many people don't understand how important it is for some people to leave a part of their own souls into their work. I was lucky to have found people like you in this community that share that same passion.

    • JamesPoppell profile image

      JamesPoppell 5 years ago

      This hub touched me. You certainly have had obstacles, especially with your heart attack while attending your freshman year in college. It seems that you have found your voice again. I can tell you are a talented writer. You have walked through fire and while most people would have given up, you didn't and that is awesome. Also, preferring the company of good books over trying to fit a stereotype is not pathetic. It is quite healthy and intellectually stimulating. Great hub & a vote up.