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How To Write A Recommendation Letter

Updated on October 22, 2011

A recommendation letter is a personal sanction, normally describing the positive attributes and values of an individual and expended in support of an individual for a new position of a company or some public office.

While recommending an individual, using the first sentence of your letter in spelling out the full name of a person and after that refer that individual only as Mr. or Ms. And last name, or she/he, but ne’er use his/her first name only. In addition, provide the reader your relationship to this person: teacher, employer, friend, and neighbor or through volunteering.

Recommendation letters must be written in standard format that lets in an introduction, body, and conclusion. In most of the cases, though, any well-standard format will be acceptable. 

Different Types Of Recommendation Letters

There are three common types of recommendation letters given below:

Character References

A very close friend, relatives or other associate can give a letter of character references. These letters aid guarantee for the qualities of an individual person. They are helpful for many requirements.

Employment References

A professional letter of recommendation given for service reasons is best written so by a supervisor or boss. They must render the complete capabilities of a person. This letter of recommendation must save the time and trouble of calling again to check the reference for the future employer.

Academic References

An academic reference letter give by a professor, teacher or trainer. These kinds of letters must speak towards ones curiosity, aptitude, positive traits and his/her ability to work in an academic setting. An academic recommendation must include the things about the person that are not essentially attained by looking over test scores and copies.

Writing Made Easy With Templates Of Letter Of Recommendation

Recommendation letters are routinely assayed for education and employment conditions. You can also find out yourself to ask to write a recommendation letter for someone finding to adopt a child or get admission into college. But if you acknowledge some of the basic rules of recommendation some one and writing of reference letter, and have approach to free templates letter of recommendation, your can do this task very easily and smoothly.

Interview Strategies of MBA - Aid Your Professors Write Good Recommendation Letters for You

To get into the stage of the MBA interview, you require jumping out some vaults, and one of those will be to attain good recommendation letters.

In the first stage of this section, I recommended that you make strong connections with professors, and that you can make this to do very well in studies at least in a few classes so that the teachers or professors who teach will be able to say and write good and positive traits about you.

Once they write recommendation letters, it makes them more convincing when they will say that they are more familiar with them because you have taken all of their classes. 

How To Write A Recommendation Letter For Employment

There are some easy and very simple steps to writing a recommendation letter below. It is vital to understand that a recommendation letter is different than a reference letter simply a letter of recommendation may be written from someone who you are not working with directly while letter of reference is from an employer of an individual. Here are some pointers:

  • Statement of intent should be in the first paragraph. Here is where you are going to tell the reader that why you are writing this letter of recommendation. You must also tell that for whom you are writing this letter and also write the relationship with that person. 

  • In the center paragraphs of your letter of recommendation you have to discuss in a clear and precise manner the positive traits, skills and abilities of job applicant that you believe that the individual is fully capable of handling whatever tough situations his new job will need them to complete. Just focus on those positive traits, attributes and skills that apply to the company being talked about.
  • As with any other letter your final or concluding paragraph will let in your final opinions and statements about the job applicant your confidence and appreciation must be sincerely conveyed a last time along to the reader with a thanks for their sincere consideration toward the information rendered throughout the recommendation letter. 


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