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How does the Amazon Kindle Wireless work?

Updated on February 15, 2015

Reading is not for everybody, those heavy bulky books just weigh you down. Now the Amazon kindlehas just got that one bit better – wireless. The Kindle wifi allows you to transport all your favourite books whitout the need for a computer to download books you buy. You can download books anytime, anywhere, all without a connection cable. So how does the kindle wireless work? This article will explain the technology behind the Amazon kindle.

Amazon Kindle’s latest version, there are currently two versions of the wi-fi kindle on sale – the Wi-fi only version, and the 3G wi-fi version. The difference between the two is that with the 3G version the wireless functionality can be used anywhere, whereas with just the wi-fi version, you can connect the kindle to a wi-fi network within the home or in free wi-fi spots.

Amazon Kindle 3g
Amazon Kindle 3g

What is Kindle wi-fi and how does it work?

The basic reason for the wi-fi feature is that you don’t need a connection cable, or even a computer to connect to and down load books from the kindle store. You can connect using your home wi-fi network. If you are out and about you are also able to connect to free wi-fi networks.

The 3G option allows for greater flexibility for connecting and downloading from the kindle store. This option is best suited for people who do not have a wi-fi network at home, or who want to be able to connect and download from anywhere in the world. 3G technology does not need to rely on the presence of an already established network. This is a free service that comes with the amazon kindle and there is no monthly connectivity fees. The on-the-go feature of 3G technology means that you can travel and download any book you want, any time you want, anywhere you want.

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