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How to Become an Guide

Updated on October 27, 2014 writers include Guides and Topic Writers

The platform hires writers for Guides and Topic writers for their search engine topics. Additionally, they have Video Producers that are on their staff of content producers. The application process may be a little more, but give more.
The platform hires writers for Guides and Topic writers for their search engine topics. Additionally, they have Video Producers that are on their staff of content producers. The application process may be a little more, but give more. | Source

Article writing is a job. Tools and resources help make it successful

search engines that provide online writing jobs is a search engine used by millions each day. One thing about the search engine that a lot of people don’t know is that they will actually pay writers to blog. These positions are Guides or Topic Writers. Writers that are searching for online writing jobs should seek employment with as writing Guides. If you have an interest in how to become an Guide this can shed some light on the subject for you.

Each month there are 75 million readers that visit when they need information. The search engine offers answers to questions which include parenting issues, health care subject matter and millions of other articles that touch on material comprised of cooking, science, hobbies and so much more. The information is delivered by writers that are paid to blog and create article content. refers to these particular writers as Guides, Video Producers and Topic Writers.

Having content produced and delivered by Guides, Video Producers and Topic Writers makes differ from other similar search engines found around the web today. The writers that make up the community of Guides, Video Producers and Topic Writers are created from regular people with a passion in their own specific fields of expertise. Instead of writing for different article content sites or their own blogs, writers are taking their knowledge and expertise to a larger platform with for online writing jobs that make real money.

One of the best things about working as a writer or Guide for the community is the advantages that can offer;

• Working with your own schedule

• Compensation plan that offers payment every month for content produced as well as performance incentives

• Support from an experienced editorial team

• Take part in PR program gives their Guides a task to supply readers that use the search engine answers to questions that millions of readers query to Guides for are made up of staff on various topics to satisfy the requirements the search engine audience has for everyday life information. How to become a member of the Guide staff is easier than many people believe. Anyone with a passion for writing content is eligible to become an Guide.

There is an application process that potential Guides go through before becoming a member of the staff. There is a difference between becoming a member of the Guide team versus an Topic Writer for writing jobs online.

The distinction between an Guide and Topic Writer is that a Topic Writer will develop content that is more specialized than Guides. Guides are also responsible for a weekly newsletter and moderating a discussion forum. Guide and Writer topics are similar, but not identical.

Guides will generally specialize in a particular category of content. The expertise they bring to each category is appreciated and expanded upon through the guidance of staff editors supplied to each Guide. Categories are extensive and include topics such as bedroom, bathrooms, BMX, Depression, Aids and so much more. The topics that are available are listed on the website and are continually being expanded upon.

When application for a Guide is made there are specific topics that have openings for Guide positions. After an interested writer selects a topic an extensive detailed description of the topic is made as well as what types of articles the editors would like to see created during the training process.

The editorial staff will review applications weekly to choose prospective candidates for the training necessary to become a Guide. If an application is selected the first portion of the two part training starts.

The first half of the training is devoted to writing three blog posts and more than a few articles which are developed with the aid of an editor. Editors take into account writing skills and the capability to integrate suggestions they provide before moving a writer into Stage Two of becoming an Guide which includes publishing the developed content.

If a writer is determined to be ready for Stage Two of the training they will discover the use of publishing tools. These publishing tools for the website are found in a test environment. The writing sample blog posts and articles from Stage One are published and the editor will review and implement comments and suggestions to improve the content. Again an evaluation is made following the completion of Stage Two of the Guide training and a hiring decision is made. Generally the decision of hiring is made by the editor along with input from other editorial staff at

These are some of the attributes that editors are seeking in writers for Guides with;

Writing ability-the capability to develop content that is not simply informative, but also factual along with compelling is the mark of a strong writer. This is a writer that can inform and translate material in a compelling manner that makes the reader want to read more. Since Guides with is publishing their own work grammar and spelling is extremely important in the evaluation process.

Web format understanding-writers that can understand web format, from experience or assessment data, combined with organizing writing into easy to understand, clear and concise segments as well as using bolding and bulleting text

Topic expert-being an expert in key Guide topics and able to easily cover the basics of these topics combined with a passion to research any info they don’t already know

Desire to educate readers-educating readers means teaching the basics of any topic to a beginner reader in an interesting and easy to comprehend manner

Passion-passion is important in any writing, especially as a Guide. A passion or love for a topic makes writing and relating subject matter as a Guide easy. This is a long term commitment made easier with passion. Time and energy are simple investments when passion and love are involved.

Writers that pass the two stages of training and possess the characteristics in their writing and personality that editorial staff is searching for will make the cut to become an Guide.

There are testimonials that potential guides can read and review of other guides and what the process has done for them professionally and personally as a writer or blogger. This testimonial information is extremely informative and useful to determine if this position is for you. Remember this is a long term investment.

The right writer can find a terrific fit and place in the online writing job environment with as a Guide. The process with how to become an Guide is a little more than most writers would see joining a regular writing site, but as a member of the team you are getting back more than you would as a member of a writing site community found elsewhere on the web.

Are you missing out on passive income?

Writing for more than one article site is a must for all successful freelance writers. In fact, in order to assure passive writing income increases it is necessary.

Along with and Hubpages there are tons of excellent communities waiting for brilliant work to come in. Take a peek around and find out what your missing out on.


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    • nmcguire7 profile image

      Nicholl McGuire 2 years ago from Los Angeles County

      Very informative. I appreciate your work on this Hub.

    • smcopywrite profile image

      smcopywrite 2 years ago from all over the web

      celebrateusa--good luck. hope everything works out well. be sure and let us know.

    • CelebrateUSA profile image

      Ken Kline 2 years ago from Chicago, Illinois

      You won me! After 5 years here with HubPages, I am ready to span my wings. I just applied at - wish me luck!

    • penlady profile image

      penlady 5 years ago from Sacramento, CA

      Great hub. I tried them last year and they never responded. I suppose it's for the best; after all, everything works out for the best of our interest. so I just expanded in other areas.

    • breakfastpop profile image

      breakfastpop 5 years ago

      Thanks so much for this terrific information. This is the first I have heard about this opportunity and I am definitely going to look into it. Up an awesome.

    • Jen's Solitude profile image

      Jen's Solitude 5 years ago from Delaware

      Great information. I have wondered about the site and I am happy you provided so many links to check out. Thanks so much!I will check out