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Hub Publisher as Investment #2

Updated on July 8, 2020

It is never too late for anyone to discover his/herself in life. Discovering this talent of writing makes me feel elated...

Olusegun in his Business store, in Ilorin, Nigeria
Olusegun in his Business store, in Ilorin, Nigeria | Source

And recollect this old words of counsel to me by my father

When I was trying to start my local business, then I said to myself

Hubs publishers is like this too. How is it like this? It is like this

Because there are time when we first registered as an hubber

On this HubPages when we registered on the HubPages it is

Like renting a shop in the local area, then you followed this up

By writing articles which are expected by the seasoned

Editors of the HubPages to be salted with seasoned words

All over the globe, and then would be published or be advised

To review it and make necessary modifications to meet with

The world standards, after this has been done, the article would

Be published, and as a publisher, you are expected to keep

Publishing seasoned articles on HubPages, but at this initial

Stage like a business person, you are investing into your site which

Is the rented shop, buying goods there which people would be

Demanding for later. At the initial stage you would not be

Known by people, but later, people would start knowing you

Your Hubs and then you will start making gains from what

You have invested into the site like a farmer who has

Sown on his farmland and expecting harvesting time and like

A business person who has stock his store with goods would

Be drawing customers to his shop and then he can be talking

About gains, then he can project what his or her financial purse

Shall be by the end of the week, and usually for a dedicated business

Persons such projections usually come to pass because

They have cast their waters on the sea, they have sown in

Tears and they are now at their reaping time. You like me

Can learn from this. You have been publishing articles

On this site for a while yet you are yet to receive token

From the account department of the HubPages, be it known


That we are at the phases of investments, the duration of

Each person’s investment varies, and of course good and old

Business people know that one of the things that affect businesses

Is location. Your inability to have been credited may be

Location oriented, or it may have to do with the articles, for

It may not be in high demand for at the moment, but having

Been approved it is certain that such articles have passed

Litmus tests and at any time there could be a demand for such

Articles by people. There are certain goods like that in

Business people’s stores, goods that one would think one

Cannot sell again and or they are goods not in high demand for

But as time passes there would be demand for it, and when the

Demand comes for such goods, it would be as if one has

Discovered a hidden treasure for it would bring more gain

Than one thought for and above all would make heart glad

Because we would know that our labour is not in vain

On those published articles. Are you weary of posting article?

For contrary to your expectations you have not received a

Dime from the account department of the HubPages,

Do not be weary keep publishing, keep developing yourself

Keep educating, enliven and delivering the world by your

Hubs and when you do not expect the harvest will

Come and you will join the group of people who have

Been blessed through putting their talents and or knowledge

To use on the HubPages. No investment brings gain

Immediately except it is not investment, for it will be traded

With first before it starts making gain, therefore it’s called investment.



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