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HubWiki - Writing For Money

Updated on April 17, 2013

Writing For Money - Intro

Did you know that you can earn a fairly decent amount of pocket change writing for money?

I bet you do, and that is why you are here writing at hubpages. Can you imagine only writing about things that interest you? Again your answer is probably yes.

You see, as a writer - You have a much greater chance of making money if you stick to writing about things that you know about and are interested in. It is kind of like a key to being successful as a writer.


10 Tips For Getting Started As A Freelance Writer

There is actually a huge demand for freelance writers on the internet. The internet is going to be around for a very long time and if you start writing articles for the purpose of making money, they will also stick around on the internet for many years to come.

Hubpages is just one of the many writing platforms on the internet where people can break into the world of freelance writing and earn revenue via the implementation of google ads, amazon a stores and Kontera text links. There are many others, too. (see: adsense revenue sharing sites below).

Freelance writing is not limited to adsense revenue sharing though and you can make quite a bit of money selling your articles to publishers on the internet. 

Adsense Revenue Sharing Sites

Adsense revenue sharing sites are becoming very popular amongst the writing community. If you are a prolific writer of articles, then and Hubpages have the highest earning potential, You can make money from adsense, amazon, kontera, ebay and even itunes.

  • Hubpages - 50/50 revenue sharing. Click Here to sign up if you haven't already!
  • Squidoo - An excellent social media site that allows the insertion of affiliate products and links. =Very good revenue sharing system or donate to charity=
  • Shetoldme - Is an article posting and bookmarking site. 100% revenue goes to publishers.
  • Xomba - Once again this is an article posting and bookmarking site. 50/50 revenue sharing and very, very popular.
  • Best Reviewer - Make top lists of the things that you know about. 100%. Developed by the same person as shetoldme.
  • Fun advice - A bit like yahoo answers. Offer advice and get answers to your questions. 100% revenue share.
  • More to come .....

A few tips for making money as a freelance writer.

Here are some tips that can be used to get you started.

  1. Open up your web browser and do a search for freelance writing jobs. You may just find one that suits you and you can get started straight away.
  2. Don't forget to research freelance writing rates, so as to not cut yourself short.
  3. Source and submit your work to magazines that accept open submissions.
  4. Start a blog and set it up to publish any unsold articles that you may have lying around.
  5. Get in touch with your local newspaper and propose to write some news stories.
  6. Go to and find some places to sell your articles.
  7. Never give up!

Getting Started

Freelance writing takes time, you must be patient and most of all you must be willing to put in many hours of research. 

Aside form the above mentioned points, you must actively be out and about on the internet networking with other freelance writers for the purpose of establishing a reputation as a writer. Hubpages is like a social network for writers, you can comment on what others have written and follow their writings, you can also make friends. It really all boils down to participation and whether or not you are willing to go that extra mile.


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    • shawnboatin1 profile image

      shawnboatin1 7 years ago from Hertfordshire

      I BOOK MARKED THIS!!!! :)

    • nighthag profile image

      K.A.E Grove 7 years ago from Australia

      A great hub, Filled with fantastic advice. Will be bookmaking this one :) thank you