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Hubpages : An Easy Way To Blog

Updated on September 6, 2017
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Emily is currently studying for a degree as a paralegal assistant. She is passionate about the justice system & initiating positive change

Hubpages is an easy to use blog hosting website -

With a helpful community of fellow bloggers,

And the full potential to turn your writing into cash

I have been writing on hubpages now for three years. The longer I am here, and the more I write - the happier I am with this fantastic blog hosting site.

I have always had a passion for writing, research, and socializing. For me, hubpages has been a door that has allowed me to do work I love and enjoy while turning a profit.

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Hubpages is full of great tools for writers, and it is incredibly easy to form an article that is visually appealing to the audience that you will now be able to reach!

Whether you are new to blogging or you are a well seasoned vet - hubpages has so much to offer every style of writer regardless of your writing experience. Where there is a will, there is a way - and hubpages is a great vehicle to take to get there.

As soon as you join the site - you are ready to write! So don't waste anytime!

The more content you create on your hub - the more traffic you will receive. Since hubpages bases their earning program off the number of views that your blog receive, this means more content, more views, more revenue.

Easy enough right?

If you find yourself a little lost or discouraged at any time - do not hesitate to stop by the discussion and say hello to the other bloggers residing here. The majority are extremely friendly, clever, and eager to lend a helping hand. Hubpages is full of encouragement and well wishes. It is a great community to be a part of.

Share Your Work

Once you have created content, don't forget to share it on relevant websites in order to receive a jump start in traffic. It can takes months for an article to gain stamina through search engines, such as Google. Sharing your articles on websites such as Pinterest, Facebook, and forums related to your topic can have a major impact on the amount of views that your hub will receive.

Once you have created some content and familiarized yourself with the Hubpages User Interface - then it is mostly smooth sailing from here.

You will want to associate a google adsense account with your hub in order to begin receiving revenue. If you are unfamiliar with adsense, don't let this discourage you. If you are willing to write then you shouldn't have a problem being approved for the adsense program.

Hubpages also has a great Quality Assessment Program which allows you to write in almost any style you prefer on any subject you prefer and they will grade your article and provide tips to help you improve the quality of your writing. I think we can all agree that this is useful for writers, old and new.

If you need additional advice, ask a fellow hubber. Hubpage users are constantly calling on other users to review articles that need improvements, and the community is almost always kind and constructive.

The faster you join, the faster you'll earn!

Don't wait!

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Everyone is welcome at hubpages, and almost every topic is available to write about. It only takes a minute to sign up, but it could be the opportunity you have been waiting for to contribute and share your idea's and research through your writing. It is certainly the opportunity you have been looking for to generate revenue from doing something you love.


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