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Hug Me One More Time

Updated on September 19, 2014

Love And More Love

There is no telling what can become of...


What we all need

Is the love that holds you tight

Keeps you snuggling together at night

Love is all it was meant to be

A kind sweet memory that lasts

They say love is blind

I say how can it be true ?

I think love is wild and free

It is magical and not only can it see

It has x-ray vision to see wherever it needs to see

Two peope in love

Keep talking

The greatest feelings of the world all wrapped up

The one person that makes your world spin

Give me that beautiful love

That never has to be cracked like a safe or an egg in it's shell

Love is warm and fuzzy all over

Yes like my wife's big pink floppy slippers

Love is stronger than steel

Who else would stay by someone side through thick and thin

When we are young until we get old

Years and more years

Don't you see love is not made from top secret ingredients

It is made from the hearts of two people

Melted together to form one

Love can be tricky

Once you think you have it figured out

Guess again

Love is never ending

It comes in all shapes and forms

Let's call upon it

On every occasion

It never takes a break

It gives and keeps giving a little more

Love is meant to be shared

So keep your eyes open and when your jaw drops

You have the early signs

Of a love that reads better than any book in a library

Love is and always will be

The best of all good things and everything it should be

Just watch and see

It is everywhere at every time

Connect with it

It is yours

Take love by the hand and make it grand


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