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Hug of souls

Updated on March 5, 2017

Their eyes, for the first time met,
A series of processes into motion they set,
Their bodies came closer, their breathing ragged,
Their movements clumsy and jagged,

Finally their bodies touched in urgency,
Like staying away would cause an emergency,
His arms held her body so tight,
To separate them there wasn't gap slight,

Her head resting on his chest, hearing his heartbeat,
And then she know her decision was right, for he would never cheat,
Hearing his heart she knew he would never lie,
She knew he was the one with whom marital knot she would tie,

The hug was needed by both, it was selfish and mean,
Yet it left both of them at peace and serene,
His arms around her took their toll,
For it was a hug not of bodies but of soul...


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