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Human Chains (short story-fantasy)

Updated on February 27, 2013

Human Chains (short story-Fantasy)

Human Chains

Human Chains (Short Fantasy Story)

Chains; manufactured lengths of steel linked together. Did you ever wonder what each of those links is to resemble rather than one length of flexible steel in one piece? Some say the links are to make the chain more flexible, curious she made links of rope and they frayed quickly breaking apart. Steel if pulled too tightly widened at the linked space eventually breaking.

The chains she held on her person wrapping around her waist and heart were much different, and the tests more tacking. Those very molecules of steel were tested for strength by pulling… for you see there is a chain of command too, which can exert more pressure than a mere link of steel, one only has to learn where that chain is, and either stay or leave the circumstance.

She sat in the morning light at her vanity, and the chains that wrapped about her body brought a pained expression to her eyes, there was no key to that chain, no lock, only circumstances. She was a beautiful woman with long dark hair, and the greenest eyes, lashes that would veil the very expression of her submission. The wretched keeper of the command lost track of the links, careless as he was he felt his chain the very strongest. His small group of women he had chained wore tight chains of steel, but he never looked beyond their breasts bulging with pressure, or the chains causing agony and pleasure.

There was a wise old man that taught Sheana that the chains should be strong enough to bind and make her submit, but not so strong she would be bound and wrapped testing their strength daily. His name was Taouy and he was the wise one who knew how to place invisible chains on a person, and shook his head in dismay at others who sought out the steel links instead. He would sit amused watching Sheana trying to break free, and everyday he would visit her. She had a pained expression in her green eyes, and she asked Taouy everyday why she couldn’t budge the chain. He would shake his head and tell her the same thing.

“You can walk away freely if you realize that invisible chains are much stronger than steel and those links can break free, they can set you free from this very room, from his very dominance.”

He was a wise man Taouy and had his own line of women that sat waiting for him for years always pliable and willing to do his every wish. Sheana couldn’t figure out why, what made him so special that he needed no ropes or chains. It certainly wasn’t his looks or experience, he was old, wise, wrinkled, and yet they were devoted to him.

She found her lover dense, a brilliant handsome man, but certainly not as wise as Taouy. Her legs would burn from the chains, her lover demanding her very flesh in the most erotic ways, but he never looked past that steel, or her flesh, never realized he could keep her like Taouy kept his women.

Then the day came when she pulled at the chains which made her flesh bleed and Taouy shook his head at her, the wise old man with long white hair turned discouraged she couldn’t think how to break those steel chains.

It was on that day when he opened the door about to leave that she realized that Taouy’s chains were much stronger than her lover’s, for he knew her mind, played with her intellectually as well as physically, and had the magic to chain her without any steel. He could break the chains with no touch.

That very day they broke free, snapped off her wrists and legs, and she got up weakly from that seat where she sat daily brushing her hair, and looked into the mirror.

On weak legs she followed Taouy out of the room and joined him and his entourage of followers, each woman chained tightly to him, because he linked his mind with theirs, and remembered the intellectual link was much stronger than any steel.

To this day she stays with Taouy like a beautiful bonsai, curled or twisted in any fashion for what he enjoys. Taouy was a wise man, and like others relished flesh, but also intellectual minds combined, and to this day he is labeled a very wealthy man.

Written and (c) to B. A. Williams 2012

Copyright/All Rights Reserved B. A. Williams


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