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Human Fountain: A Tribute

Updated on August 8, 2017
Poetic Word Bird profile image

Samuel Malik Canty: the Word Bird. I am the author of Four Poetry Books, I understand my Purpose, and my words are my proof...


Human Fountain

There is a Fountain of great, useful ideas inside of You…

Your mannerism, your quiet fire is the envy of many…

Your inner and outer beauty also can stir conversations.

You are loved by family and friends…

Words like Dedicated Friend and Dedicated Educator have no problems being attached to you…

Students love the way you treat them, teach them and try to reach them…

They know, they see that caring comes easy for you, that understanding their life and plight comes easy for you…

You are a Fountain of untapped possibilities and what you bring to the table of education has always been about feeding the needs of the children.

I applaud you because I see the joy in many of their eyes when it concerns you…

I applaud you for not backing down when others try to shift your Natural Born Crown.

These words are just a poetic reminder to keep climbing_________________

Keep climbing…

This system needs your fire; this system needs an injection of your caring nature...

This system needs you in high places reaching those trapped in stagnation, and non-productivity.

Your Fountain will bring out the hate; your fountain will bring out the great…

Keep on being you, those test, those who want to bring you stress, will wither and fade because there is fire in you and a Fountain that refuses to be denied…

You understand when others might not give-a-damn…

© 2014 Malik S Canty


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    • Poetic Word Bird profile image

      Malik S Canty 3 years ago from Brooklyn, NY

      Thank You...

    • mothersofnations profile image

      Mothers of Nations 3 years ago

      A beautiful encouragement!


    • Inspired 4 U profile image

      Jo Anne Meekins 3 years ago from Queens, NY

      Well said Word Bird! A beautiful tribute to all Human Fountains with a fire inside that gives significantly to others in abundance.

    • Bercton profile image

      Bercton 3 years ago from United Kingdom

      Great poem.

    • Poetic Word Bird profile image

      Malik S Canty 3 years ago from Brooklyn, NY

      Thank you...

    • Bk42author profile image

      Brenda Thornlow 3 years ago from New York

      Beautiful poem. A very positive message that I need to read today. Voted beautiful.

    • Poetic Word Bird profile image

      Malik S Canty 3 years ago from Brooklyn, NY

      I am glad that you are one of the Fountains that quench the thirst of all who need a drink from the Well of your Knowledge...

    • tsmog profile image

      Tim Mitchell 3 years ago from Escondido, CA

      A very revealing and uplifting poem 'Poetic Word Bird.' I felt in my heart this poem spoke directly to me while at the same time convicted my heart to reach out to others. Well done and Nice!