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Human Interaction

Updated on November 27, 2013

Not a day can pass by without us talking, laughing, or without interacting with others. We humans are social creatures, which means that we don't want to be forgotten or to be without others. It hurts us more than anything else if we don't have friends, families, people who are there for us. It could possibly end us. But there is not a human in the world that is forgotten, there is always someone there for that person, to support that person completely, to make sacrifices for that person. It maybe someone they completely know or a complete stranger. It doesn't matter because there will always be a person who's willing to interact with you, to support you, to leave a mark in your life.

We humans, always seem to get ourselves in a situation where we talk to someone, out of total boredom, curiosity, or even sometimes out of desperation. We always need to interact, because we are socialize creatures. Now, animals, mammals, also socialize, they do interact, but our interactions are rather different than those of the animals. Animals mostly socialize, when they need help from others, when they need information( when migrating and such), when hunting preys and more. But the thing that makes our interactions different from them, is that ours make a difference to others, it could help change them for the better or for the worst, but that's the reason that makes our interaction much more important than anything else.

Our interactions go from simple greetings such as hi's and hello's, asking someone where the remote is, or when the next NBA game would be, to a point when you want to cheer your friend up from a break-up or when he/she loses his/hers pet, up to the life changing ones or what we call commitments, such as the famous I like you's, I love you's, and the questions will you marry me's? Each of these are powerful, more than anything else, even the simple greeting can truly make a difference.

There is the saying:"Human Interaction, the heart of business management." In business its always important to communicate than anything else. There is always a billion of questions that comes to you when you're in a corporate powerhouse, or being even in a team. When critics check your business they would always ask about your communication and how you always try to evolve it.

Many of us would wake up each day knowing that there is always someone to talk to, some are less fortunate with that. There are some of us who are abandoned by parents and friends, completely, yet they always try to go back to the world, but there are some that just give up completely from the world. This is where our interactions come to take place. So many of us are now, not very happy with their lives, not very contended with it, just because the feeling that they are alone, and that there is no more hope for them. As human beings it is always our job to look out for our own. A simple greeting can always make a change for them, to let their hopes up. Even though you are a stranger, it is always important to greet different people. Saying the normal "Good Morning" or "Good evening" won't hurt anybody won't it? But it could actually change the way that they see the world. Don't forget to give out one of those famous smiles, okay?

The way that the most of us look at it, we take these interactions for granted. We seem to forget our interactions with others each day. We forget that there are some who just want that simple talk that could really help them out.

In these interactions we can always make a change, for ourselves and for others. It can always affect us as much as it affect others. We all have our own perspective and idea of certain things and sharing that through a talk won't hurt won't it?(Unless you argue to the ends of the world with it) When we enter conferences, we always see a person talking about things that we might or might not know of, during that point of time we would listen, or not listen depending on our own choice. In that choice, that's when it makes a change. When we choose to listen or not listen makes a difference in our lives, as that person may say something rather important that could make a difference in our lives. It is always important to listen to what others may say or to their own opinion, therefore we must always be open-minded to make things work for us.

These interactions, small talks, long talks, arguing, debating, opinions, and so much more, can and will always make a difference and an impact for others and for us. It may be negative or positive, but the point is that even how small the talk is or how big it is, its always the fact that it could make a bigger impact than we actually thought it would do. So choose the right words carefully and look out for others, stranger you might be to them, yet you are important to those who don't even know you.


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