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Human Preserves In Your Favorite Liquid: A Social Joke

Updated on November 30, 2012

Locate a city with great traffic and loads of people, preferably a city you know very well. These are usually not too hard to find on this planet. Just pick your favorite one. Then pick your favorite bus or tram line. A subway, a local ferry & anything similar would do. Just use your imagination, go wild if you wish. To make it simple I have chosen a tram. It's easier to cook when there are people getting on the tram willingly so if there is such an opportunity just go for it. When your desirable amount of people have carelessly stepped into the vehicle close all the doors so they would have no chance to escape. Make a photo of them sitting happily and waiting excitedly for the ride. Now it's time to preserve them.


Slowly and with passion fill the little streetcar with aromatic olive oil, motor oil, marinade or any other liquid of your choice. Remember it's your own fantasy so you can make the events happen exactly as you wish. If the preserves were just a silly joke of the God of the fantasy world (yeah, you) then you can always suddenly let the merry sounds of "trollololol" come directly out of the heaven while the tram door opens and a bunch of confused and a bit oily but still joyful people step out. If it's not your thing you can always keep the tram for snacking later and head toward another tin soldiers to play with.


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