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Human life would do well without!!

Updated on November 5, 2015

Live Without Regrets - Motivational Video


Human life experiences vicissitudes and that is continual process of ups and downs. Surely one would love to have a life without regrets which is nothing but a dream scenario. But, one wonders if it’s possible to lead such a life?

Perhaps, not! It is not possible to pass such a serene life – a life without a bumpy ride is just a dream. And that is something most people would agree with. Regrets are part and parcel of human life; however, it is important to trivialize the effects of those regrets on one’s life.

One may not be sensitive of those regrets during youth, but those can be very daunting to one’s mental faculties during old age, which can also prove disaster for one’s physicality. It is obvious that when any human becomes old enough to pass a retired life; one naturally ponders over as to what really happened in one’s life. Sometimes he is ambivalent; sometimes blissful; and sometimes sad of one’s past life.

Almost every school of thought emphasizes that life must be lived without regrets and it should be free of the words such as: might have, could have and should have. I do believe that no matter who ever you are – in the end of the day; one would have some regrets. However, important point is of dealing with those regrets.

Dying without regrets and having ones and be completely at ease with oneself are two sides of the same coin. In the end it is the mindset, which is deciding factor in the given situation. Firstly, it is important to know that regretting is not completely hollow as some would believe. It has very essential message for the person who might have committed a mistake.

At the Kellogg School of Management – researcher Neal Roese is a leader in the field of regret research. He once concluded that it brings positive value for the young people and they treat it positively and not negatively. As regrets are likely to push oneself to take right action next time when the opportunity knocks at your door. In fact, they come up with life learning lessons that one so eagerly needs so to learn.

As a result of regrets; one goes on to learn about the world in general and the people living in it that one has connection with. Moreover, one becomes more insightful as a consequence and is probably going to grab the opportunities more aggressively, that he otherwise would tackle just passively.

There is down side to all this, as thinking continually bad and blaming oneself may result in ill health. The person in this case may avoid re-engaging in life. Furthermore, habit of regretting can be chronic as well; as one goes through periods of depression which can trigger health problems. The person in such a situation is not able free himself of the stressful life, in fact those periods of incessant stress and depression may have reach for months, years or life time. Therefore, it is important that such negative emotional forces be harnessed and one must remind oneself that it is just human how brain informs you to take another course.

Whatever the case is: one does have regrets, so a little effort has been done to shed light on what feels about wrongs that have happened in one’s life.

 An Old Man In Deep Thought!
An Old Man In Deep Thought!

And thus based on trials and tribulations; one believes so a human life would do well without parents controlling and directing educational career of their young ones, for the youth has tendency to resisting encroachment over his life. One would feel to have been asked unjustifiably to sacrifice his natural instincts and aptitude.

Human life would do well without the love in teenage years that diverts one of one’s real aims, so goes ineffectual one’s appropriate use of time, energy and resources.

Human life would do well without opportunists, insincere, disloyal and selfish friends so as to save oneself from betrayal and selfish motives.

Human life would do well without extra marital affairs; the affairs so prove disastrous to one’s personal life, and leaves children’s future in limbo.

Human life would do well without loving and respecting people who don’t deserve one’s love, care and sincerity for the misplaced and illusive expectations bring nothing but despondency.

Human life would do well without failure to get over regrets sooner than later so as to escape the ill effects of incurable wounds.

Human life would do well without: the greed, envy, hate, intolerance, bigotry, longing for power and money, constant search of happiness as there is happiness in everything one does; incessant fulfillment of selfish desires at the cost of society a whole; and ostentatious display of materialism, of arrogance, of mental and racial superiority.

Forgive Yourself: Live Life Without Regrets | Subliminal Messages Isochronic Tones Meditation


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    • mtariqsattar profile imageAUTHOR

      Tariq Sattar 

      7 years ago from Karachi

      @ borge-009; thanks for the comments you are right one cant agree with everything other says.

    • mtariqsattar profile imageAUTHOR

      Tariq Sattar 

      7 years ago from Karachi

      @ fetty: thanks for comments for i would take those with the positive mind,i am a positive man but one who believes one can and should take whats good and bad in life and own it as a package. Personally i see the hub containing reality which in a way over shadows the negativity that you spoke of.

    • borge_009 profile image


      7 years ago from Philippines

      Nice piece. I agree to some points and disagree on some. Thanks for this one

    • fetty profile image


      7 years ago from South Jersey

      You have much to say and say it well. Please write a positive partner piece, though. It could be titled " Human Life would do well with... Today, life has become so tough sometimes it is more effective to use a positive approach that a negative one. Beautiful hub with a lot to offer. Thank you! Welcome to Hubpages. I am from the good ole' USA.


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