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Humans “mental battle”

Updated on July 15, 2012
Motherly LOVE
Motherly LOVE
Motherly LOVE
Motherly LOVE

Humans, man where is our origin, who are we, where are we from? Science is telling us that we came into being through a sexual process termed “reproduction” which science it self explains with its own assumptions. Religion in the other hand says we were created by a supreme being in his own image .Well, Life goes on. Now we give birth to our offspring by “nature”, the child is born, parents wandering what will be come of their child , husband says Kwame is an attorney but wife insist that Kwame is already a doctor whiles Kwame lies on mummy’s laps enjoying his breast milk and analyzing the conversation. I, Kwame, am an adult now, i want to be successful in life but my instinct tells me that life is predetermined by ones destiny which one does not have any idea and control on. Kwame finally became a judge with a degree in engineering and a year after died through an accident on his way to work.

Akosua is a “mentally disordered” person who sleeps on the streets of ‘Tarkwa’ she was raped and impregnated by thieves. She gave birth to a beautiful baby boy and named him after the then President of Ghana, Johnny. Innocent Johnny grew into a handsome gentleman but was physically disabled. Sympathizers and comforters did the best they could but due to his state he could do nothing academic. The story ended there for many people because Johnny had travelled to the Gambaga City where he can start a fresh life with new people.

Many years have passed by and people are now thinking about the new wave as the economy is improving and political tension is rising and rising. Everybody is busy about their business. The ‘koko’ sellers are tirelessly serving the masons and the carpenters’ porridge and ‘koose’ across the street, the Zoomlion workers are busy sweeping and digging the gutters, the school children are matching to their class rooms and singing the national liberation song of the land, those waiting for cabs and ‘trotro’ for work are sweating generously under the hot morning sun shine.

Everybody was rushing to the Shekina Temple to witness the extraordinary wedding ceremony and to see the groom who is marrying the most beautiful woman of Tarkwa. Many didn’t believe what they saw, the gentleman was Johnny. How can this be possible, isn’t he that bastard? Said the shop keeper of the ‘my God is Great store’.

After the ceremony, the rumor was that through some Devine intervention, Johnny was miraculously healed and he is now a reverend father, who lives happily with his wife and two kids and with his “sick” mother at a missionary house.

The question is what really happens in the long gaps of our lives?

In the Holy Bible the history of Jesus from birth to his teens is known but after that what happened? He came back as the Messiah after a long gap in his life.

Buddha the prince left his comfortable palace, after so many years he appeared as a super power.

Do we say this is our destiny? Some philosophers do say that destiny is in our own hands and that we can rotate it to any suitable direction. Others say it is determined by a supreme being, who decides what will become of us. Now we do not know whether we do what we do or we do what is preordained by this Supreme Being. Ones we are here and there the mental battle is still within.


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