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Humor And Madness Are One

Updated on June 7, 2012

The Fine Line We Walk

When we hear a joke for the first time

We either laugh or instantly know that was not funny

I like it best when someone laughs so hard they have to go pee

Some people burst out in laughter and still others only give a little chuckle

Some women cover their mouth as to hold back their joy

Men get louder and louder as they laugh with confidience

They want to heard

It is such an uncontrollable feeling that tickles and appeals to our are senses

A deep down satisfaction we did not feel a minute ago

It may be short lived and be over in seconds

When people find things not funny

They are quick to judge and tell you just how they feel

They are sometimes offended if it was humor in bad taste

If it attacks their beliefs or their pride

A swear word rather not said

Then it is best to leave and run and hide

Some people don't like to be embarressed or made fun of

They get down right angry and you could of made a life long enemy

They will never forget as long as they live

So I like to poke fun at myself and this way I am the only one that can be hurt

I rather laugh than cry

I rather live than die

So I write and hope

To make your fun loving spirit rise to the top

Like years ago when the cream and milk separate

Only to make your day more funny and more enjoyable than when it started

As if someone had f*r*ed !

We have all been their and remember what it was like

Some laugh most don't

It is a matter of preference and how we feel at that moment

So I am off with the excitement and the joy of two

I hope you may be the one that is laughing too


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