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Hunter Mountain Ski Trip

Updated on August 6, 2013

Dumped on Christmas Eve - ouch! Only one thing to do...Road Trip! My friend Dave and I headed up to the Catskill Mountains to meet up with some friends and friends of friends. Our friend Gil's parents had a house in Tannersville, a few miles from the base of Hunter Mountain Ski resort. I dropped Dave at the house, went to the liquor store for supplies, and was back within 15 minutes. When I walked into the house, I saw ten or twelve guys sitting around the living room in silence.

The Revolutionaries

Gil was a member of a Latvian brotherhood that believed they could overthrow the Soviet Union and liberate their ancestral home by dressing up in native costumes and drinking massive quantities of alcohol. The revolutionaries, sans Gil, were just sitting there motionless. I remember thinking how odd this scene was as I looked around the room. I spotted Dave sitting on the couch leering at some of the other guys. Nobody said anything for about five minutes.


Andy, Gil's friend and fellow conspirator, was front and center carelessly waving around a wrought-iron fireplace poker. I told him that if he didn't put it down I was going to knock him out and he would require the assistance of a proctologist to get the poker back. Somehow he took this as a threat.

Andy rose up, poker in hand, and summoned all of his powers as a drunken moron. He was unable to wave the poker and stand up at the same time. I decided to let it go and just shoved him down. A few minutes later he challenged someone else to a fight. As these two Nimrods wrestled around the room, Dave told me that Andy and a couple of the other guys tried to break into the bathroom when Gil's girlfriend was taking a shower. Dave and Teddy were able to stop them.

I heard a loud noise and looked up to see Andy flying through the air headfirst into a wall, his head penetrating the sheetrock. Someone shouted that Gil was coming up the driveway, so Andy pulled his head out of the wall, brushed the gypsum dust from his head, and covered up the gaping hole with a painting that had been hanging a couple of feet above it. The painting, which had been at eye level, was now about three feet above the floor. Gil entered the room and sensed that something was not right, though he couldn't put his finger on it.

"If I find out that anybody broke anything while I was gone, I'll put your head through a wall!" he proclaimed. The group exploded with uncontrollable laughter. Gil started laughing too, though not quite sure what he said that was so funny. The tense atmosphere was diffused and we all went our separate ways to party.

On with the Mission

It was New Years Eve. Dave and I both liked a drink called a "Rusty Nail" so we thought it would be a good idea to mix one quart of scotch with one quart of Drambuie. This was before liquor became contaminated by liters and milliliters. We went to a party at a place down the road from Gil's called The Eggery  carrying our half-gallon jug of 86-proof refreshment.

I remember the ball coming down on a brand new 1977, but the rest is a bit fuzzy. We may have gone skiing at some point.


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