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Hunted by Erica Woods - A Review

Updated on August 9, 2020
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Reading books has always been a passion, and Diana reads about 5–20 books a month.

Review Time!!

Hunted is a paranormal reverse harem book, that not only has great character developments, but also has mystery revolving around the main character, Hope. In Hunted, we have a female main character, who is surrounded by attractive looking men, who are lycans or shifters if you will, as well as budding romance and mystery of the four men as it pertains to Hope. It is beautifully written, but that doesn’t mean you wont get annoyed or frustrated with the book. Let’s get into that later though.

I’d first like to discuss some of the characters without giving them away or spoiling the book for you. In Hunted there are technically 5 characters you will learn about, ever if it isn’t a whole lot in the beginning and not nearly enough by the end. That isn’t to say it leaves you with more questions than answers, but it does leave enough questions to make the wait for book two extremely nerve wrecking. It’s books like Hunted that makes me hate reading books before the whole series it out. Especially since I have to wait until the next book is released to find out more.

One thing I really enjoyed is the mystery and theories one develops about Hope, our abused female character. In a world of paranormal, one can’t help begin to wonder what our little Hope is hiding, even from herself. Though, there are hints about what she is hiding from the reader, it is clear that not even she knows what she is. I loved the little pieces of information we see from the guys who took her in that can help the reader formulate their own theories. I have found this super helpful when discussing the book with others, who like me, have read the book on Erica Woods’ Facebook page, Into the Woods. It at least passes the time while we wait for Assembly, the next book in the trilogy, to come out.

As for the guys, there is one for every reader out there to fantasize about. You have the mystery type, who leads with a kind heart and a cool demeanor, Ash. There is mystery surrounding him and his past, though you get small glimpses here and there. Where as Lucien, is cold and distant from Hope, since he is all about finding out secrets. Rurac, the first real love interest, is a big brute, who is kind of a demanding type, which I know makes him a bit more liked than the others. And finally, we have Jason, the kind of guy who hides his pain and wants to make others happy. He reminds of the class clown. You wouldn’t think these four guys worked well together, but as you read, you see that where one is not an expert in one thing, the others level him out. I can’t imagine writing all five characters as they are considering the differences in personality. However, Woods has done it and has managed to keep them all straight and do a good job in doing soon. It was definitely fun watching each character grow in their respective ways and develop feelings for one another.

That development is what kept me turning the pages until I had finished it. I know I mention frustration earlier and I feel now that I discussed a bunch of the good, hopefully without too many spoilers, we can discuss the bad. First and fore most, Hope. She has got to be the most frustrating character I have ever met. Not because of anything in particular, but because I want to reach into the book, grab her out and tell her to make up her mind, to stand up for herself and so many other things. Yes, I know part of is because of her past, but come on Hope, make up your mind!

Other than Hope’s frustrating antics with the guys, and all decisions that come her way, the book is truly amazing to read and fills you with longing and need for the second one to come out. Which Erica Woods did say should be soon. You can always pick up the book at Amazon. Woods is a self published author, but don’t let that discourage you, as the writing is top notch. You can get a digital or hard copy on Amazon.

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