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Hunter’s Journal Magazine | A Magazine about hunting and fishing in the Early 1900s

Updated on August 4, 2012

A refreshing look back at the American heritage hunting stories from the early 1900s is once again reborn in this amazing hunting and fishing magazine.

If you're looking for hunting and fishing magazine to inspire a young hunter or enjoy the nostalgia of hunting when things were less complicated and commercialized this is the one you may have been waiting for.

You won’t have to grab this one out of the mail box and police through it before your young hunter finds it on the coffee table.

Hunter’s Journal is published in the Mennonite/ Amish communities and simply does not contain stories or advertisements of weapons for violence, vulgar, or sexual messages.

As you read through these truly amazing hunting and fishing stories, you will quickly realize just how commercialism has changed the sports of hunting and fishing, and just how expensive it is to be outfitted in today’s vision of a hunter or fisherman.

Stories are reprints (with permission) from hunting magazines in circulation from the 1940s-1950s, including nostalgic pictures of autos, and hunting gear used during those periods.

Easy read print in large font makes it a wonderful magazine for seniors who grew up hunting and fishing during this era. Stories and pictures are in black and white.

The magazine is published eight times per year and features, from cover to cover over 70 pages of lost tricks and tips used to hunt and fish without the expensive gear and electronics.

Stories of both serious and humors outings, will keep you on the edge of your seat or holding on to the rib cage from laughing. Each issue caps off with wild game and fish recipes.

Hunters and their dogs encounter lions, cougars, bears, and even African game, while other hunters stalk mammoth elk and moose.

Stories of hunting small game such as squirrel and rabbit will inspire the young hunter with his or her first 22 rifle or help explain buck fever after the first disappointing shot.

Fishing articles bring back the lost art of fly fishing and fishing with simple rod, reels and tackle.

Cottage Craft Works .Com is the only online print version subscription based service for mail out of Hunter's Journal. However, an electronic version of the magazine is available for free at This is a membership based site.


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