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Hybrid Roza - Chapter Three

Updated on June 19, 2014

The next day I did meet up with my father and Thorn came with me. I had a feeling that Thorn didn't like as much. But I didn't care really. I didn't stay long with my father because I still wasn't sure if I was ready to know anything yet. But I guess I had to know.

So my father told me that I would know when I had changed. He said that I would get a red dragon on the inside of my wrist. It meant that I was a hybrid and when I do, I had to hide it because if people saw it they would know what it was and then my life would be in danger.

I saw Thorn tense up beside me. But I knew as long as I was with Thorn I couldn't care if I was in danger. I knew that he would be there for me and he would protect me as much as he could. But I also didn't need his protection because if I was going to be what I was told I was going to be, It meant that I was going to be pretty fearless.

A few days later the truth about Luke came out. And of course he was the one who had to tell me. But anyway, it turns out that he was some kind of angel. Not the dead type. He was called a white-lighter, another word for protector. And he knew about me. He knew what I was going to be.

Luke also told me, that what happened between us, wasn't him. Well it was him. But that girl-Zara- from high school was from a family of powerful witches and she put a spell on Luke to hurt me. Well It did hurt me, but you could say that it didn't work because she is dead and we are still together.

I understood and I forgave him. Though I didn't know if I could ever get that image out of my head, of what he did to me. Luke said he could help me with that and he erased it from my mind.

A week before my birthday I developed a very itchy rash. It was only in one spot. My left upper arm. It annoyed the absolute shit out of me.

* * *

Today was my birthday. I wasn't looking forward to it at all. Today was supposed to be the day that I was supposed to have changed. When I woke up this morning Thorn wasn't here. I figured he was in the kitchen cooking me breakfast. He did that every morning. So I hopped up and raced to the bathroom and turned the shower on. when I stripped I noticed that my arm wasn't itchy anymore and that my worst dreams had come true. The rash had changed into the dragon that my father had said would be there. But instead of it being completely red. There was other colors in it too. I didn't know what that would mean. I thought it was only supposed to be red.

After my shower I got dressed and I quickly covered the dragon up with concealer. I wasn't ready for any one to see it. I then walked to the kitchen table where Thorn had made me a delicious breakfast. And on the table was a single red rose and a note. I picked up the note and read it.

To My Roza,
You deserve a rose everyday. With all my love Happy birthday.
Love Thorn. x x x

I was already having the best birthday.

I looked up to see Thorn knelt beside me. He was nervous. And it made me happy. I wanted to giggle. But I held it in.

Thorn grasped my hand and he first kissed the top of it. Then looked up into my eyes and smiled. I could see the deepest love in them. But that wan't all. I saw Desire, Hunger-for Me. I saw Love, and passion. I just possibly couldn't say all the things in those beautiful eyes.

I Loved him so much.

'Roza... Rosemarie Hellaway, would you Marry me?' He asked.

I was speechless. Yet I knew exactly what I was going to say.

'Yes. Of course I will marry you.'

Thorn jumped up and I stood up too and we hugged each other tightly. And if I didn't change into what I am now, I could say that the hug was too tight. But not this morning. It was natural. Like we both had the same strength. And I liked that. We were equal.

But when I looked into Thorns eyes, I could tell that he knew that I had changed. So I had no choice but to show him. I rubbed where the dragon had formed and his eyes had became huge. I didn't know if it freaked him out or if he knew something that I didn't know.

'Roza...' He breathed.

'I didn't show you because I am still scared of what this means.' I told him.

'No, the color.' He said.

'What about it?'

'I am sure Luke knows more then what I know.'

'Tell me what you know.'

'It is said that there would be only one hybrid with a multi color dragon.'

'What does that mean?' He started to worry me.

'Something about a Prophecy. That's all I know.'

Great now I am part of a prophecy that I for one then Thorn had no idea about. I didn't want that. It was hard enough to think that I was going to be this supernatural being. Ah, what a head ache. Why can't I just be normal?

'I am sure, it isn't bad at all.' Thorn tried to reassure me.

'We'll have to see about that. Because if you hadn't notice, my life doesn't go as planned.'

'Well I am here to help with that. Because you know I would never let anyone hurt you.'

'I know.'

'Well we better put this ring on.'

And for the first time I saw the ring. It was beautiful and Huge. It was gold with a not too wide band. And there was a ruby as the main diamond, and then beside it was two smaller white diamonds on each side. And then three tiny diamonds on each side.

'It's beautiful.'

'I made it for you. Your beautiful.'

And then we kissed. And at that point I knew I was ready for the next step. I wanted him and now.

'Thorn I want you.'

'You have me.'

'No I want you and now.'

'Oh,' was all he said.

He swept me up into his arms and blurred to the bedroom. He carefully placed me on the bed and laid on top. We started kissing and when his lips reached my ear he whispered into my ear.

'Are you sure?'

'Yes.' I whispered back.

And then we made passionate Love for hours.


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