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Updated on September 27, 2015

I am fond of soothing , swirling air,

or the blue little dress that the sky loves to wear,

or to run about freely everywhere,

these are my feelings that I love to share!

I'm fond of the wild, furious tempest,

or the obedient weather when it comes to rest,

but the pleasant climate is the best,

these are a few reasons of my zest.

I'm fond of the rushing -hushing rain,

that reduces the earth's burning pain,

or to collect pebbles from the narrow lane,

these a few things from which happiness I gain.

I'm fond of mouth-watering , scrumptious food,

the colourful fruits are so good,

or the rugged valley on which often I stood,

these are some things which alter my mood.

I'm fond of health and prosperity,

or people who talk with clear sanity,

and my fickle mind and insanity,

'This is my happiness,' I say with clarity.

I'm fond of garish ,vivid flowers,

or the incessant blessings that god showers,

the sky -scraper buildings and tall towers,

I am one of the true nature lovers.

I'm fond of games, indoor or outdoor,

or to dance with frantic steps on the floor,

sometimes to walk along the sea-shore,

or to play hide and seek behind the door.

I'm fond of green, lively trees,

or the wavy, light ,silent breeze,

the chilly winters that tend to freeze,

these are the things that make me please.

I'm fond of glittery ,shining glamour,

or tenacious courage,bravery and valour,

the nature's vibrant ,gaudy colour,

in the ocean of fantasy ,I am a sailor.

To know my thoughts do you really care?

these are the likes that my heart does bear,

in this lovely world I love to stare,

this' way of love 'I like to share.

how much did you like my LIKES?

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