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I AM ME! Are you... you?

Updated on June 23, 2014


To understand one's self, Is to set your soul free,

My chains break away with three little words, I AM ME!

I am hard to describe, And even harder to understand,

My personality is unique, And that, I demand.

I live most of my life, Inside my own head,

Contemplating the world, Leaving most thoughts unsaid.

I am simple yet deep, Emotions flow like a stream,

Unstoppable and confusing, Living life in a dream.

I can care so much about everything, Then the next day not at all,

I'm at the top of the mountain, Then, out of nowhere, I fall.

One day I'm happy, Enthusiastic and Fun,

The life of the party, All seriousness is done.

The next will be different, My world, cloudy and black,

My life is sad and hopeless, A train derailed from its track.

The world could end, I would not care,

There's no bottom to the pit, My life filled with despair.

But if I fight my way through, The pain and depression,

Living day to day, Awaiting the next regression.

Then I take control of my life, I refuse to fail,

Big dreams of my own, I force myself to prevail.

Saddened and weak, Sometimes it wins,

But I can be strong and determined, That's when my life begins.

We are all different, It makes the world go 'round,

Each personality is special, Important and profound.

To understand one's self, Is to set your soul free,

My chains break away with three little words, I AM ME!

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Follow Up:

This poem was written in my mid 20's. I am so happy the Lord stuck by me through the few years of me trying to "find myself". He has pulled me through amazingly, and has shown me just who I am to Him. That was the true turning point in my life... when God showed me who I was in His eyes! Praise Jesus!!!! My Redeemer!!!

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    • profile image

      Karen 3 years ago

      As long as you know who you are in God's eyes... that is what truly matters.

    • jeremycolombo profile image

      jeremycolombo 3 years ago

      Yes, most definitely! Be yourself!! No one wants to get to know the fake you. :-) It is so sad when people misrepresent themselves. God made us and we should take pride in that. We may not be perfect, but we need to let Him perfect us.