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Updated on August 18, 2012



Yes I am from a warm and beautifulIslandthat you may not have been to before and even though my accent may be different than yours, this is a world that I hope to explore.

I see that your dress is new to me and your colours and styles that I have so rarely seen, but where I am from, we also have style and class and we value what we have even more because it is all we can afford.

However I don’t envy you, I am happy to see that there is more I can reach for and now with my education on its way there is so much more I can be.

Do not think that because my words are different that I do not understand the tone in your voice, the slight of your speech or the roll of your eyes.

Do not think that I cannot recognize the laughter in your voice as you say my name to your friends standing next to you.

Contrary to popular belief I am neither deaf nor stupid only different and new to your country.

I have heard the stories that in my country I get nothing to eat and this I would like to make clear.

Yes you are right we have nothing to waste but at my grandmother’s house where I stay, we never go hungry.

Outside my grandmother’s house she has a garden so large and in it she grows all the vegetable and fruits to help my heart.

There are carrots, beans, peppers and tomatoes; squash, pumpkins, and potatoes. We also have tall banana trees and coconuts as well, oranges, mangos and yes watermelons too!

On our farm we also have goats and cows, chickens and a great big body of water that we can fish in.

There is never a day that I can remember that I didn’t have enough to eat in the country where I came from.

It is only since I have been in your country that I have felt the pain of hunger.

I have heard the rumours saying that in my country I slept on dirt floors and because I am certain you wouldn’t know any better; I will help you to understand.

In my grandmother’s house we do not have lots of room so it can be crowded.

However we have beds that we sleep on, couches and chairs that we sit on and yes even a television to watch; yes it is true that what you have is finer and more beautiful than what I have ever seen.

What you have only shows me is that there is more to dream of and look forward to.

Still in my country I have never been as cold as I am here in this country of opportunity.

The wildest of all the tales told was that in my country, I climb trees like a monkey and swings from vines.

This was your reason as to why I win in the school races, why I am faster than you because in my country you say, I ran around naked like a jungle bunny.

As I walked through the hallway of our school the others shout out at me the name that you have labelled me, “Jungle Bunny”, they say as they pointed at me.

“Move out of my way Jungle Bunny”, they say as they walk by me and as the jokes get funnier and funnier in the class I realize that it is me that they are laughing at, “Look at the jungle bunny!”

So let me make this loud and clear so that you and your friends will understand.

I am from a place that is different than yours but I am here now and here I will stay!

My grandmother fought for me to come here and through her tears she let me go and my heart was as broken as hers.

Here I am often cold and more often hungry, and no I do not have the home you have and I cannot go the places you can go and I do not have the clothes you have.

Never forget my brain is my own and the opportunity for an education I will embrace fully and one day I will have all that I need and want and I will be happy.

It will never be what you have because I will never want to be like you.

I am faster than you because I just am.

You can laugh at me and make jokes about me and never invite me to your parties and while you’re doing that I will continue to learn and grow in spite of you.

As you grow older you will begin to learn and understand that I cannot climb trees like a monkey or swing from vines because

I Am Not A Jungle Bunny.


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    • whonunuwho profile image


      6 years ago from United States

      Thank you for sharing this beautiful work and I hope it will serve as a lesson to those who would be so guilty as to make some of these awful remarks and behavior. I feel we shoud all have compassion and respect every one. We can all learn lessons from the small, as well as the large. Thank you.

    • Free2writ3 profile image


      6 years ago from Sharon Hill, Pennsylvania

      Very Beautiful Poem...Love the picture too.


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