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My POEM ....... My POETRY ..... !

Updated on December 23, 2012

I am - is - I am

I am not a sycophant......!
I am not a sycophant......! | Source
I am a rebel...!
I am a rebel...! | Source
I am an antagonist ....!
I am an antagonist ....! | Source
I am a hurt maker .........!
I am a hurt maker .........! | Source
Obviously,.... I am a dissident......!
Obviously,.... I am a dissident......! | Source
Someday, they will regret...............
Someday, they will regret............... | Source

I am not a SYCOPHANT

I'm not a sycophant ...!
who walks like a zombie and has no heart and feelings;
who is indifferent to the curses of everybody for his tyranny;
who is busy to spread his spies about due to the fear of being dropped;
who is busy counting other people's mistakes on a mountain of mistakes has he done.....!

I'm not a sycophant ....!
who is willing to trample on his subordinates for a higher position;
who has a heart to squeeze his men to take the face of his boss;
who has a nerve to ask his staffs owe to a parcel of bribery;
who is indifferent to trample his own fellow to get a momentary position .....!

I'm not a sycophant ....!
who is sanctimonious on his environment but he is dirty;
who makes his routine in worship as a mask to fool everyone;
who commands oath in the name of God, but he himself trampled the oath;
who shouts loudly to take part against corruption, but he turns out to be a great corruptor....!

I'm not a sycophant ...!
who is satisfied able to silence the people who will tend to unload his decay;
who will suppress and intimidate those who do not give him some money;
who is busy to spread a number of slander and fro in order to save his position;
who is persistent to drop others to seize their position.......!

BUT ........
I am a rebel……!
The enemy of the official who has an affair with his subordinate depraved;
the enemy of the beggars who ask for rations of any development project in the works;
the enemy of the ignorant cowards who can only stand behind the shadows of others;
the enemy of the corrupt officials who think the corrupted money was lawful for them......!

And I am an antagonist……!
which is not favored by the officials who like to fool their subordinates;
which is despised by the fools who can rise to officials owing to their ability to flatter and bribe;
which is underestimated by those who are proud to be the dogs of criminals;
which is feared by those who only seek safe under the oppression of every tyrant ruler......!

Well .., I am a hurt maker ……..!
For the opportunists who simply could lick all criminals thereon;
for those who are never tired of bribing others for their rotten lust satisfaction;
for those who are willing to be the puppets for the rotten officials manipulated foul;
For those who are always looking for opportunities to enrich themselves with money that is not right......!

Obviously ....., I am a dissident…..!
A man who can not be ruled by the cunning officials slander spreader;
a man who does not want to be governed by the cowards who puff out their chest on their low position;
a man who is not willing to be fooled by the people who feel themselves high in their low position;
a man who is not happy deceived by hypocritical men who are lucky to be officials......!

They think I'm afraid with all of their intimidation;
they feel they have won with all persecution they had done to me;
they are satisfied has destroyed me and my friends.
One day they will cry, crying bitterly that is not going to make other people feel sorry.

Someday they will regret, the regret that they will bring to their death…….!

Payakumbuh, Monday 24 September 2012 - 8 Zulqaidah 1433


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