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I Am Stone (Poem)

Updated on April 5, 2017

Life Can Be A Challenge

Written by, Joshua Prentice

Word Count: 127


Fiction, Poetry, Expressive

I am stone. I am cold, and distant. Long and drawn. Forever broken, forgotten, and wronged frequently badgered hurt and torn. I feel like hell bent over without shedding a tear. I will run from the love of others, and hide in a shadowy place. Stone is my name, and I have no face. Distant the sun becomes within conscience, and time I seek deliverance from peril, and hope disguised. I am loyal but broken. Tarnished, and lost. I am stone cold today but tomorrow I’ll be gone forever. Broken forever subjected to a lonely distant path. I seek home but can’t find it. I am stone forever to the upmost reality I am stone.

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