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I Am Trying To Make You Dizzy

Updated on June 7, 2012

How Long Can It Last ?

A few seconds I hope

I play a harmless joke

You come to my page and what do you see

One cat and when you scroll down

The same cat multiple times

That was my cat who I loved so much

He touched my heart and brought endless laughter too

I write with his picture as my inspiration and his love as my guide

He only wanted to have fun and most of the time he would run and hide

Scared of his own shadow and loved to be cuddled for hours

He would fall asleep in my arms like a baby

Not a meow or a whimper

Hopping down to eat and then go back to sleeping on the bed

He also loved to climb and race around the house to get some exercise

He would never claw and only nibble when he bit

To remind you to leave him alone when he had enough and he didn't want any trouble

At the vets office he would sit and wait

Let the veterinary do what she had to because it kept him healthy and well

He was smarter than most cats who want to claw and whine

Thanx Daryl for all the fun times over the years

Now I pass this fun on to everyone else who never got to know you

So they may laugh like I did many times

Leaving you with a smile and a happy memory

That cheered me up when I was sad

So each day when I turn on my computer I get dizzy too

Looking at not just one but twenty two of you


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