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I Am... (a poem by Richard Mawby)

Updated on February 10, 2014

Here is a poem of awareness. The meaning and words are open to speculation; take from this piece what you will.

I came about composing this while in a state of clear thought and open perspective. I first recited the words aloud before realising it was a poem in the works, and therefore rushed to my computer to record these words of inspiration.

The consciousness is a powerful mystery of which we have yet to fully understand. It intrigues the minds of many as they contemplate on their own journey of self-discovery. I hope you enjoy the read, and embrace the meaning these words hold within them; I AM...


I Am...

I am what I am

I see what I see

Nothing shall govern me

On what my life shall be

For I exist throughout the cosmos

And float above the trees

Carried by waves of essence

As I flow upon the breeze


I am the knowledge of a lifetime

I am the wisdom of an age

Both spanning years uncounted

As awareness remains unchanged

I am here yet I am nowhere

I exist yet I do not

For realities are blurred in sequence

They are real, yet they are not


I am the oneness of a universe

Yet I am a being of conscious self

Learning, observing and existing

As I journey through life’s mystic sails;

© Richard Mawby



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    • RichardMawby profile image

      Richard Mawby 3 years ago from United Kingdom

      Here is another phrase to ponder over, it relates to all of the above topic and I wrote it the other day... "I flow with the winds of knowledge that stir the oceans of wisdom whose waves graze the shores of my conscious being"

    • RichardMawby profile image

      Richard Mawby 3 years ago from United Kingdom

      Well said Mary - You explained the very essence of the conclusion to the video I posted with this poem perfectly - I am also glad you took the time to watch it as it explains alot if people simply open their ears and eyes and listen to its gentle exploration of 'awareness'.

      And thank you for the words of compliment to this poem. It is intended to make you think and I am glad it has had such an effect upon your thoughts.

      Thank you also for the comment Jodah, and also true, however the more we embrace the awareness of what and who we are, the closer we reach a possible conclusion of this unanswered question.

    • Jodah profile image

      John Hansen 3 years ago from Queensland Australia

      Very interesting and well written poem Richard. We certainly are what we are, but do we really know what that is. We are just a spec in the universe and yet we are a part of everything.

    • Mary McShane profile image

      Mary McShane 3 years ago from Fort Lauderdale, Florida

      Hi Richard, this is a beautiful poem.

      The video is a deep thinker, even too much for some of the interviewees. Although some of the filmmaker needed to prod to get the responses he was looking for and some of the narrative got convoluted where he had to explain himself many times, he finally came to his final question "Is awareness aware of itself?"

      My view:

      If one thinks of awareness as an entity, yes.

      If one thinks of awareness as a cosmic energy, yes.

      But if one thinks of awareness as a thought process, they haven't even touched the first surface.

      Our world has desensitized us so that awareness is dulled. We don't "notice," therefore we are not aware. We become numb to the homeless man because we always see him. We don't notice facial expressions in conversation because we are not looking at people when we speak to them. Glancing is not looking. lol I think thought patterns have pushed awareness to a back seat.

      If one continues with old thought patterns (fear, greed, selfishness, ignoring the obvious), then awareness cannot make known joy and beauty in their existence.

      Your poem was a deep thinker too. Thank you :)