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I Arrived at You- The Ultimate Love Poem

Updated on May 16, 2013
Vanessa Williams Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Vanessa Williams Baton Rouge, Louisiana

I searched the stars for a kind touch and a warm smile and I arrived at you. For years I bare the pain of being incomplete and I hid in my own mind. I fantasized what life would be like to have normality. I wanted to be like everyone else. I wanted to feel and not doubt, to speak and not be afraid, to walk with my head high and not be ashamed of what I had once become. I feared rejection and I welcomed silence. I expected the worst in all situations. I lowered my standards and accepted whatever came my way because I thought that I did not have choice. I was lost for so long, but finally, I arrived at you. I was able to see my true reflection in your eyes, and when my tears fell, you caught them with your heart. Your hands held mine tight and you led me through the jungle that was my life. Now standing here in a field of clarity, I see you in all your perfection. As the sun dances across your face I see the wrinkles of time and knowledge, of love and compassion, and of the trust and understanding that you have for me. Your words soothe me like a mothers voice calms a crying child. Because you are here now, I know that I will be protected. I crave your touch and need your lips on mine because I have arrived at you. I was fooled too often and led in the wrong direction too many times. Dazed and confusion I sought refuge in unsavory places. You forgave me. You held open your arms and welcomed me time and time again. I ran to you, yet I only stayed for a season; I sought a reason to venture out again. Battered and bruised you always found me and dried my tears again and again. How could I have not known? How was I so blind to pretend that you did not exist? Who was I to point out your flaws? When so many nights I lay in bed and thought about your kiss. I have arrived at you after all these years. I am here now because you need me, so now let me dry your tears.


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