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Life Lessons I Learned from the Peanuts Halloween Special

Updated on January 21, 2015

Charlie Brown and the Halloween special

I watched "It;s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown" the other night. I hadn't seen the animated special in a number of years. As I watched Charlie and the gang go about their chore of and discovered buried deep within the simple plot some truths of this life. Here they are.


I believe
There is a lot more
to this life here
Then what your eyes
can truly see

First there is Linus

Linus unlike some of the other Peanut;s gang seems to be a visionary. He has strong opinions and big ideas about life and all that it entails. While the other kids are out seeking bags full of candy Linus is waiting in a pumpkin patch for the Great Pumpkin. He is not looking for instant gratification of the candy treats. He wants the bigger prize which comes when the Great Pumpkin arrives.

The lessons to be learned from Linus are two fold. While Linus has it right in some respects it is best to stay away things which offer us of and there are better things in life than something which give us instant gratification because in the end instant gratification is fleeting


I believe
Life is not what
You make of it
Life is what it is
Meant to become

Then there is Charlie Brown

Charlie Brown is what my friends and I used to call a sad sack. The Urban Dictionary defines a sad sack as, "An individual whose very presence lowers the tone in the room." Charlie Brown always seems to be the person who brings the mood in the room down a notch.

Charlie Brown for all his supposed failings just wants to be one of the popular people. Sadly, whether is in in getting rocks when out with gang Tricks or Treating or longingly gazing into the mail box looking for a Valentine, it just never works out well for him

What can be learned from Charlie Brown? A couple of things. One no matter what happens in life always have the attitude things will get better. Charlie Brown is always has the attitude no matter what befalls him now it will be okay. Tomorrow is another chance to try. . The second, never quit. Charlie Brown never quits. Even when the gang is on him about some shortcoming he gets up dusts himself off and moves on.

Finally there is the rest of the gang

While Linus and Sally are waiting for the Great Pumpkin the rest of the gang is enjoying a festive night of seeking out candy, having a good time at a Halloween party as they use Charlie Brown as a model for their Jack O Lantern.

The obvious lesson here is not wrapped in some metaphor or hidden in between a couple of line. The message which jumped out at me was this enjoy life, because the time you have is limited.

Final thoughts

There you have it some of the things I learned while watching Charlie Brown and the rest of the gang. I have discovered in all my years of walking this earth there is a lesson in everything you just have to looking at times harder than others.

© 2012 T.B Whitt


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    • whittwrites profile image

      T.B Whitt 5 years ago from the Philly area


    • Nikki Major profile image

      Nikki Major 5 years ago


    • whittwrites profile image

      T.B Whitt 5 years ago from the Philly area

      Thanks again fore reading my words

    • shiningirisheyes profile image

      Shining Irish Eyes 5 years ago from Upstate, New York

      Bravo my friend. I share in your beliefs. Awesome message here.

      Thanks for sharing this.

      Voting up.