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I Better Move My Wife Has Big Plans

Updated on February 29, 2012

She Is On A Secret Mission

She won't tell me but I am sure I will soon know

Her mind never stops

She has so many ideas locked up in her head

I say set them free and enjoy the empty space

Relax,read or write what could be better than that

She smiles with that sinster grin

What does she have in mind ?

What plans does she have for me ?

I have the time now to write but soon I will hear her words send chills up and down my back

Like someone placed a snowball their where first you feel the icy cold

As if the shock wasn't enough

I feel the snow slowly slide as it melts inbetween my shirt and my body

My body distorted to every unimaginable position

To relieve itself from the instant shock

Now in a very soft and calm voice

Would you like to eat lunch ?

O.k. here I come

What will I get myself into now

Have to go and don't know when I will be back


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