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Updated on April 6, 2013


Raymona Greyer Studios
Raymona Greyer Studios | Source

This is a new territory for my writing style and my type of writing. This is a attempt to gather a new audience. So tell me what you think

Vanessa T Williams' "Bleed."

My inhibitions are rising. Fall and climb they go; Rapid and rancid as they go. Now my charity is depleted and most companions deleted. I will now start to bleed. Desperation. Desertion. Almost lost my inertia. I am inherently strong. I have no inference at all. As I stand on my feet the inflammation is deep- I know you want me to bleed. So now I will bleed my atonement is long. Progressive and bold my heart in my hands I will hold and for you I will bleed. Progressive progress prohibits projections. Fabulous fantasies famishes fascination. Jovial Judases judge jealous jesters. All of these opportunities embellish infection. You want me to bleed so that you can map out my direction. Inferiority infests infantile individuals. Morality moves more monumentally if momentarily. This makes me bleed. I bleed for you now. No questions no whys, no worries and no wows- stand back let me bleed. This will transfuse my soul as your courage grows cold. You take the easy way out and gave me insulation and doubt. Look into my eyes why I bleed. So now I will bleed my atonement is long. Progressive and bold my heart in my hands I will hold and for you I will bleed. When it is all said and done I will have mastered my emotion. I will proceed as a prodigy to produce and not use. There is no abuse, I am loose and I wait for your command for me to bleed. See it pool on the floor radiating with goodness galore. When I look into the world’s eyes I see the violence and then I bleed.


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    • vtwilli profile image

      Vanessa T Williams 5 years ago from Baton Rouge, Louisiana

      @ David. For some reason or another you always make me smile. Thank you for the feedback. I appreciate you taking time to read my work. You must continue. I want to help women endure heartache by offering them the knowledge of God. Hopefully they will share their experiences as I have chosen to share mine to help educate and heal. God is faithful on all fronts and heaven and earth will pass away before he tells a lie. I know that my life has a purpose. I will embrace even if I have to "bleed" now and again

    • profile image

      David E. Johnson 5 years ago

      I am sad for your sadness. I feel too close to the sun, if IT were sad. I'm sorry that you had to go through this you open your heart but artistry isn't cheap, nor does it come easily. I hope you don't Bleed, on my account. As a friend, I can only offer a Band-Aid, a hug and a smile, to care for the wounds that already exist. :)

    • profile image

      ntventress 6 years ago

      Wow....i love it!!!!

    • vtwilli profile image

      Vanessa T Williams 6 years ago from Baton Rouge, Louisiana


      Thank you, I love my work and sometimes i get things to come out that i didt even know was there

    • kittythedreamer profile image

      Nicole Canfield 6 years ago from Summerland

      Very deep...dark, yet beautiful. Loved it.

    • masterofthewind profile image

      masterofthewind 6 years ago

      Thank you.and you are welcome too

    • vtwilli profile image

      Vanessa T Williams 6 years ago from Baton Rouge, Louisiana

      Thank you Masterof the Wind...I like that name

    • masterofthewind profile image

      masterofthewind 6 years ago

      I voted you up as a comment, great job.

    • vtwilli profile image

      Vanessa T Williams 6 years ago from Baton Rouge, Louisiana

      @ Cleaner and @ cynamans

      Thank you,, yet I felt so numb writing it

    • profile image

      cynamans 6 years ago

      Hey Vtwilli,

      Thanks for sharing this awesome poem. It was amazing. keep up the good work. voted up and interesting.

      Best C

    • cleaner3 profile image

      cleaner3 6 years ago from Pueblo, Colorado

      Very strong feeling, very powerful emotion.


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