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I Came to Pennsylvania

Updated on August 21, 2013
Philadelphia Skyline
Philadelphia Skyline

I came to Pennsylvania. There I found

Four seasons that astonished with their length.

The springtime held its own with warm days crowned.

It seemed this world was regular, a strength

Of climate did abound that said, Remain

With us and live and work and give your tenth

And be a Christian here. Depart Champlain.

You have a new life here. And so I did

Remain and live my Christian life. Restrain

That sorrow. Any providential lid

Will open and reveal what can be seen

Here: grief instead of thriving. O, those skid

Marks in the story--they combine between

Those joys, conforming, while God says, "Be still

And know that I am God." Remain, be clean,

And be conformed to Christ,

Till's truly time to leave.


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