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I Can Never Thank You Enough...

Updated on May 29, 2017

As I wake each morning to face another wonderful brand new day,
You never fail to strengthen me with all the sweet blessings You send my way.
As I begin this fresh, new day and go on through this journey called my life,
You always see to it that I will not suffer and be in strife.

A couple of times that I have sinned, did You wrong, even made You feel bad Times I have dishonored You, neglected You and disobeyed Your commands,
Not to forget instances I play deaf and don't hear what You have to say, Nevertheless, You never turned Your back on me, never left me astray.

To prosper me and never to harm me, to give me a hope and a future
These are Your plans for me, and made me into a beautiful creature!
I know that I am nothing and will never be anything without You
That's the reason why I have to put You first in everything that I do.

Your love for me, and for all mankind is indeed awesome and great!
That You have to give up Your only Son and let Him take all the weight.
Sometimes I feel that I don't deserve Your oh so great and amazing love,
Lord, I am truly sorry, please, please, teach me to give You all I have.

I surrender to You my life, which You are the true and legal owner,
I bow down on You, will always obey You and give You the greatest honor.
And I think even if I give You all of me, that will not be enough,
For You are the Greatest, the most powerful God who is extremely tough.
You created everything that I can see, smell, touch, and hold; all is rife.
Lord, You are omnificent and omnipotent, the Way, the Truth, and the Life.

Thank you, Lord for all your blessings, mercy, salvation, and eternal love.
Now I ask You, please enter my heart; make me Your servant, Lord up above.
I will continue to seek You oh Lord, and keep You deep in my heart,
Your mighty words that bring salvation and eternal life I will impart.
I give You all that I am, my praises, thanksgiving, and worship you Lord.
Give You back all the glory for all the blessings, and graces You have poured.

-Sandra Sanares
March 2011


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