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I Can't See It Show Me

Updated on January 14, 2011

I Am Having Difficulty What Do you Want Me To Do ?

There are times in my life I reach out for help

There is no help to be found

I sit and think why can't I find an answer

Everything I tried wasn't helping

I don't know all the answers

I tried to do it but it won't happen

I am capable of doing things on my own

I don't like it when there is no one around for help

I am on my own

I looked where ever I know for answers

I have to be patient and rethink for a different answer

If I can't go to a coworker for help and I don't need any more trouble

When looking to reach out and people are no help

It is a game of handball against the wall each time I hit the ball

It comes right back at me faster than I can think

I am trying to be honest with you

Life can be so hard and some things will make you blue

I am here through thick and thin

I will choose my battles and take my stand

I am willing to fight for what I believe in

Sometimes I am scared straight

I don't give up

I know time will change things

I have to cut it short and go right to the point

i am not worried about it

I have been redirected to find new meanings

I am concerned when my life seems crazy and out of control

I reassure myself I will be fine

Sometimes I have to turn back to what I know

I am honest

Everything in my life is good

I have to tell the truth

When times get tough the tough get tougher

We can all relate

I turn to a balance in my life

I turn to anything that can make me feel better

A better thought gives me a better feeling and room for improvement

This is where I have to focus on me and let somethings happen

I don't see the good in them now

But in time I may be surprised

They say the best things you learn in life are from things that you find hard and no answer to

I am not sure that is true

I really like it when I am in my zone and things just flow

That is when I feel my best

I am able to support others and help them in any way possible

When I have trouble I turn deep inside me

I don't carry on my old troubles and make them new troubles

I just begin where I am and move on

One day of challanges and I put all my energy to the test

That is the way I put my mind at rest


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    • DREAM ON profile image

      DREAM ON 7 years ago

      LisaMarie724 There are many lessons to learn.Sometimes not when we want the answers but when the time is right.I struggle for now but I know I have struggled so many times before.I know I have made my way through those tough times and they were later forgotten.Now I will find a way and in time these times will also be soon forgotten.Thank you for sharing my troubles as well as my strugggles.In times like this support from you carries me through.

    • LisaMarie724 profile image

      Lisa Stover 7 years ago from Pittsburgh PA

      Really good! I have to admit I have many many days I feel like that too, but your right we just keep on going even if only for the fact theres no other way to go!