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I Can't Wait To Say Hi And Bye

Updated on December 16, 2015

My Excitement Is Building

From the moment we first see each other

Till the time we leave

My emotions are varied

I am thrilled to see your chocolate brown eyes

A beautiful welcome to my day

It is amazing what are plans and dreams are

Unfolding in every way

As pretty as a greeting card

Funny and filled with passion

I love to hear good news

No matter what direction are day takes us

Our spirit and enthusiasm bubble through

You will hear words repeated over many times

Give it a try

The result is only a small picture of what really happens

You have set the wheels in motion for action

There is only up from here

Even through the tears and when your head is pounding

I will be shoulder to shoulder

Together we will figure our next move

Then when it is time

We have to separate and go our different ways

Both working for a common goal

Time apart gives us an opportunity to spread our wings and fly


Searching for our deepest meaning

Trying to master each job that we do

Always asking questions

Thinking how can I do better ?

What am I capable of ?

Then like always returning home

Where our love has grown

Sharing different views and people

A variety so different and new

As neat and organized as a shoe store

Choices stacked to the ceiling

Then as if we have it all

A mystery to this day

As crazy as the weather

From beautiful and nice

To cold and frigid

Our day spirals out of control

Now what once was a slice of heaven

Has turned into the worst day of our life

There is always a surprise still waiting

So when our job is done for now

I hurry home to reunite

Sharing stories as wonderful as the story book fantasies

Filled with awe

Teased by uncertainty

We will once again encourage and help

Refuel and renew

Seeing each other

Brings out the deep connection

That completes us

Both individually and together

There is no greater love to treasure


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