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I Choose To Be A Pessimist

Updated on July 16, 2016

Hope, i have recently come to find out, is a very dangerous feeling. I have -with time- developed a strong loathing for it. Anytime it tries to rear it's cruel head in me i slam it down hard, so hard that it would think twice if it ever wanted to visit again. Because hope is vain. It sits there smugly, patiently (or maybe not so patiently) taunting you and giving you"hope" that all will be well.

But it almost always never is.

Be honest, what is the use of hoping that the world will change to a better place one day? What makes you think the world will be a better place today, when human beings have been slaughtering each other since time immemorial. Actually, since Cain killed his brother Abel to be precise. So much bloodshed, so much evil, so much adultery. There will always be a reason to kill one another. Genocides, revolutions, religious wars, love gone wrong, heck just mention something -anything- and we'll turn it into a motive to go for each other throats.


Roll up your sleeves; it will not get better. It'll get worse. Worse than we would care to admit to ourselves. Hope is evil. It gives you a false sense of optimism that things will get better. It makes your fall even harder to fathom, mostly because you kept lying to yourself that things will get better even when you knew they never would. "Hope for the best but expect the worse," they lie to you so blatantly. Why even dare to hope in the first place? I'll tell you what for free, hope is a useless emotion.

Be ready for the worst, every single day of your life. Anything can happen; as it will happen. So be ready for the worst, and when it eventually comes to pass, you will not be caught unawares, you will be prepared, you will know how to handle the situation because you knew it might come to pass.

When a lover you have been with through thick and thin turns against you even though you never wronged them in any way, when such a person turns into something you do not understand, something so cruel and heartless to an extent you never knew they had it in them - i dare you to hope....NOT. Do not hope for them to change, do not have even the tiniest of hope that they will come back to their senses and maybe learn to love you back as they once did.

Human beings are who they are, they will never change. They might hide who they really are, but truth will out one day and everyone will say, "look, this is what so and so really is. This is who they really are."

And while still hoping, remember no one owes you anything. Not your parents or siblings, not partners you have been with through the worst of times. Not people you thought you'll die together, people you thought would have your back no matter what. Do not hope they will change once they move out of your life without as much as a reason why, as you sit there wondering what the hell happened and how fast it did.

The truth is, they don't owe you anything, they don't owe you explanations...matter of fact, nobody owes you anything. Not even you; you do not owe yourself anything. Like Michael Jackson famously said, It is human nature. Such wisdom....

All i am trying to say is, do not dare to hope - hope is for the fools. Soldier on gallantly, taking everyday as it comes. prepare for the worst (truly i tell you, you haven't seen anything..YET.) Take whatever life brings your way with a smile on your face, and this is possible only when you have wiped the word hope from your brain. When you erase any feelings of hope in you, then you win because that means you have not set yourself up for disappointment, anger and bitterness.

Be like me, be a pessimist. It gets you through life.


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    • profile image

      Yoleen Lucas 10 months ago

      I used to have such an attitude, growing up in the ghetto. Since escaping, I have learned the whole world is not Oakland, CA. If it were, it would have been done in a long time ago.

      Cheer up - it's not so bad!